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Hand Hygiene of Nurses - Essay Example

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The author of the research reviews the articles connected with hand washing problem of the nurses and describes his research answering the question as to barriers to hand washing which nurses working in the emergency unit are encountering within their eight-hour shifts.Then the author  gives an insight into a value of innovative research 
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Hand Hygiene of Nurses
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Extract of sample "Hand Hygiene of Nurses"

Download file to see previous pages Action planning involves active participation in the hand washing process, for example, nurses may list when they are supposed to wash their hands. This was also supported in the study by Nicol,, (2009; Curtis,, 2009) where the authors emphasized the theory of planned behavior. The study revealed that the theory of planned behavior could sufficiently help improve the education and training of nurses in hand hygiene behavior (Nicol,, 2009; Curtis,, 2009). This study was also able to demonstrate that deep-seated habits which are incorporated well into a person’s activities have a significant potential of improving a certain activity or behavior (Nicol,, 2009; Curtis,, 2009). The theory of planned behavior also points out that where individuals unconsciously apply certain activities, they also learn to carry out hand washing activities where necessary (Nicol,, 2009; Curtis,, 2009). This study provides a more in-depth and personalized verbalization of how habits and planned activities can lead to better hand washing compliance.
The value of planned behavior in the promotion of hand washing was also explored in the study by Curtis, (2009; Nicol,, 2009). The authors were able to establish that hand washing is a habitual behavior and planning it into a person’s life can help ensure that it would always be carried out. This study explored the value of planned and habitual activities which can eventually be incorporated into a person’s life (Curtis,, 2009; Nicol,, 2009). It also relates the value of building habitual behavior in relation to hand washing. Through this study, a holistic and specific picture of hand washing is obtained, including the impact of planned habits and behavior on its compliance. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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