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For the task relationship behaviour I was able to get a total of 39 while in the style leadership behaviour it was only lower by two points at 37. Both of these scores are rated at moderately high which I…
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Reflection 3
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1. I found that of the two categories my scores are relatively identical. For the task relationship behaviour I was able to get a total of 39 while in the style leadership behaviour it was only lower by two points at 37. Both of these scores are rated at moderately high which I found to be an accurate description of my leadership style. I find that I am not that great of a leader but I am able to hold up my own end when tasked to lead people for a certain project or undertaking. Also, I perceive that I am more focused on finishing what needs to be done and on allowing everybody to participate and each have their own contribution which is more on task leadership rather than relationship.
2. My top three scores are Ambassador, Truth-seeker and Creative Builder which are all 21 points out of 25. This means that most of my strengths are on being diplomatic and allowing people to settle things before they get worst and on allowing them to realize their potentials. It is also important for me to be fair and for people to be the same on the basis of justice. It is also helpful that I find ways to solve things and look for new things and to improve them. This is basically what could be my leadership legacy. These are not bad qualities which I hope to improve by building more relationships and analytical process of solving things.
3. Daniel leadership style is effective in accordance to the Path-Goal Theory because he incorporates the connection of the demands that the task will require in relation to the kind of employees that he has. A good example of this is how he has categorized the types of work into two, namely, duplicating and publishing. Those who he assigned to duplicate documents do not require much skill and this is where the part-time students would be more effective since their main focus is on their respective courses. Those who are working under desktop publishing are more skilled than the other workers because their job requires time and more tedious work including creativity.
Daniel as a leader is able to motivate the employees because they know that they are working under someone who has a concern for them. He is able to coach them when they need help, like in a software problem, guide them in the completion of their jobs and direct them when the same is necessary. Knowing that they can talk to their boss motivates the employees.
Daniel’s work in The Copy Center makes him mindful of the character of the task and the capabilities of the subordinates makes for an effective leadership style that he has adopted. The nature of the business made use of the fact that it is located near a university where most of its clients and employees would be somehow associated to the school.
Although distinct from other theories on leadership, Path-Goal Theory has some criticisms like all others. There are few available empirical research studies pertaining to the same which means that there are fewer proof on its effectiveness. In connection, there is not much data to explain clearly the relationship between the motivation given to employees and the leader’s behaviour. The same could also be said in assessing worker satisfaction.
4. Whenever there is a given tasked that I must perform with others, I find it necessary to focus on being able to finish the project and producing something good that members of the group could be proud of. Other members should play a part in the process so that completing it could be easier and everyone will feel that they are part of it. Perhaps one of my weaknesses is that when there are those who would not do their job I will be there to finish their part instead of castigating them. I find it hard to antagonize other although I will not hesitate to do it when others are out of bounds. I am as patient as I could be and I believe that people are willing to help if they are given the chance. As a leader, it is important for me to be a great example to others and that I must also do my part and listen to others and their suggestions. Read More
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