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Identity and Representation - Essay Example

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Psychology alludes that the self is a construct that refers to the affective and cognitive representation of our identity. My childhood experiences and relationships have shaped my current character…
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Identity and Representation
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Download file to see previous pages Violent identity representation can also emanate from lack of awareness on personal identity that stresses on upholding of values and moral standards. For instance, I played soccer because it was the most popular sport among my friends. The relationship with my friends also made me rebellious. After enrolling in early education, my entire identity changed from being introverted and serene to notoriety and callous extroversion. My childhood was characterized by the development of friendships that did not last for long. My male status and Arabian origin warranted me the freedom necessary to play around and conflict with people. Although my behavior was unbecoming, I commanded respect and recognition among elder people owing to my dynamic identity and perceived sense of self. This fact made me feel that I did not belong to the group of naughty individuals all through my life. At the age of twelve the friends that I had inflicted enormous negative influence on me to a point of being rebellious towards my parents. The new identity I acquired negatively affected my performance in school. It also made me develop disregard for the authorities resulting in occasional conflicts with the teachers. Most of my friends seemed attracted by my reckless behavior and encouraged me to be more notorious instead of rethinking my actions. Although I enjoyed such behaviors, my inner self did not approve of such behaviors making me to develop an epiphany.
Communication within childhood groups was easy because the common language that most schools normally used was Arabic that everyone understood. However, uneasy moments arose when we had to use English when interacting with strangers or new group members. It was challenging to join other groups because one had to learn the tactics and practices of the new group as well as know the new group members. Understanding the diverse identities of many people is a challenge for everyone especially teenagers who have no experience in connecting. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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