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Cultures in Conflict, Christians, Muslims, Jews in the Discovery - Assignment Example

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This essay discusses that cultures of different religions being in a constant conflict. Despite the underlying similarities in these three religions, fundamental differences have been brought about by misconceptions and created a conflict. Some terminologies have been associated with certain cultures…
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Cultures in Conflict, Christians, Muslims, Jews in the Discovery
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Extract of sample "Cultures in Conflict, Christians, Muslims, Jews in the Discovery"

Download file to see previous pages This essay analyzes that many women have dropped the tradition voluminous dress codes and adopted more cosmopolitan and elegant fashions in the country (ProQuest, 82). Foreign fashions have been integrated into the dressing for women within the country and this has been one of the major elements in which change has been clear between the tradition and the modern era.
Cultural and social permissiveness within the highly Islamic country of Bahrain was displayed when a 10-year-old girl participated in the world swimming competition in Russia, earlier in the month of August 2015. This prompted a lot of eyebrows to be raised regarding the participation, but since there was no age restriction for participants, the young girl could not be barred from participation (Byrnes, para 2).
In the ultimate analysis, the ruling in a case regarding the jailing of the opposition leader within the country has presented a popular debate in a country with the marking of 200 days since his incarceration on August 20th (Rahdi, para1). International media has focused immensely on the political situation in the country and questioned the aspects of democracy with the society. The lack of political tolerance has been cited as the sole reason for the incarceration of Sheikh Ali who has been advocating for nonviolent ways of settling political differences (Naar, para 3). There has been international pressure calling on the government to establish an independent inquiry into the case of the opposition leader. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Cultures in Conflict, Christians, Muslims, Jews in the Discovery Assignment.
“Cultures in Conflict, Christians, Muslims, Jews in the Discovery Assignment”, n.d.
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