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How Safe are Federal Regulations on Occupational Alcohol Use - Essay Example

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These rules are applied to different sections of an organization in order to facilitate the smooth operation of activities achieve positive…
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How Safe are Federal Regulations on Occupational Alcohol Use
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Extract of sample "How Safe are Federal Regulations on Occupational Alcohol Use"

Download file to see previous pages There are various rules and regulations that have been set by the federal system to control alcohol consumption among workers in different social and economic sectors. For instance: Specific rules and regulations to control alcohol use in the transportation sector, construction sector, manufacturing, and military as well as among the police.
However, previous research show that the normal and legalized alcohol consumption has presented accidents at work places as well as poor productivity which in most cases are not identified by employees and their employers. Occupational accidents resulting from alcohol consumption by workers and their employers usually go unnoticed due to the fact that; there has not been proper research conducted in order to depict performance among employees working under the influence of alcohol.
Alcohol consumption has various effects on the performance and the safety of workers which can be extant or can occur the next day after consumption. These effects are categorized according to the pattern in which they affect the workers: Residual effects which can exhibits different patterns of impacts. It generally connotes the physiological, behavioral and characteristics that may result from heavy alcohol consumption after episodes of heavy drinking and when the Blood Alcohol Concentration is at zero. There are also acute effects of heavy drinking that may occur immediately or after long periods of time such as cancer, weight loss and severe impacts of the reproductive system (Howland, J et al.2006).
The effects of alcohol may be notice from several physiological and psychological abnormalities such as headache, fatigue and nausea. Residual effects of alcohol affect various organizations at different levels for instance; among the aircraft and automobile operators, researches have shown that: Decreased performances among pilots and military jet operators have been noticed after periods of heavy ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Safe Are Federal Regulations on Occupational Alcohol Use Essay - 1.
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