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Equipment Specification - Assignment Example

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The economical oven space will be a 13.6 cu. ft. (387L) stainless steel chamber with interior dimensions of 30.7 inches width, 24.7 inches depth and…
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Equipment Specification
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Extract of sample "Equipment Specification"

Download file to see previous pages This large capacity unit is ideal for constant drying, curing and baking during high-volume food processing. Electrical specifications of the oven shall be 220Volts, 50/60 Hertz and 16.5 Amps and the oven has a 24-month warranty.
Enter ‘Set point mode’ on the controller by pressing UP or DOWN arrow pads one time. Digital display will start to blink, turning from bright to dim. The current set point is showed by the digital display while blinking. Adjust the Set point using UP and DOWN arrow keys. Make sure the High Limit Thermostat is turned to maximum position until the oven has stabilized the required Set temperature. [Oven shall need around 24 hrs to get stabilized into the set point temperature]
Keep a certified reference thermometer inside the oven chamber or through the access tube at top left. Make sure thermostat is not in contact with the shelves. Check temperature in every hour until the reading is not changing anymore and compare the reading of the digital display with that of the reference thermometer. If there is a considerable difference between the two readings, put the display into ‘calibration mode’ by pressing both UP and DOWN arrow keys simultaneously until the display starts to flash. Adjust the temperature using the UP and DOWN arrow keys while flashing. Allow the oven temperature to stabilize and recalibrate if necessary.
When the oven is stable at the desired set point (see 3 and 4 above), turn the Safety Thermostat counterclockwise till the OTP light turns “ON” and then turn the Safety Thermostat clockwise just until the OTP light turns ‘OFF”. Next, turn the thermostat clockwise two smallest divisions of the scale past the point where the lights went out to set the Safety Thermostat at a temperature approximately 100C above Main Temperature Set Point.
Ten minute function – Push RESET pad. Blinking decimal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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