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Development of International Organizations - Essay Example

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Political scientists across the world have provided various definitions to the term International Organization. There have been various dichotomies when it comes to the…
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Development of International Organizations
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Download file to see previous pages ??An international organization…represents a form of institution that refers to a formal system of rules and objectives, a rationalized administrative instrument and which has ‘a formal technical and material organization: constitutions, local chapters, physical equipments, machines, emblems, letterhead stationery, a staff, an administrative hierarchy and so forth.’” (Archer, 2001, p. 2) There has been a common tendency to confuse between ‘international organizations’ and ‘international institutions.’ In this context, writers and scholars need to remember that an internal institution actually refers to ‘the detailed structure of an international organization…for international organizations is more restricted than the sociological meaning of the word.’(Archer, 2000, p.2)
According to the historical references, formation of the international organizations commenced during First Word War at the Versailles Peace Conference (1919). Formation of international organizations in nineteenth century was propelled due to certain social reasons. Political scientists widely agree to the point that in order to formation of such organizations development of sovereign states as well as ‘a relatively stable system’ was necessary in Europe. Moreover, the Great War and its horrific consequences did cast such a tremendous effect over the nations that they immediately understood if harmony between the nations could not be maintained it will not be possible to avoid tragedy of such great dimension. In addition to such factors, the social and economic issues also played a great role in the formation of international organizations. Almost at the end of the nineteenth century the European nations witnessed that they were fighting amongst each other trivial political issues and it was affecting social as well as economic stability of the countries. Consequences of those issues were also reflected in the international relationship of the countries. Thus, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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