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Constitution short paper - Essay Example

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The United States of American constitution has designed the structure of federal government in such a pattern that the whole power of the country does not rest with it alone.The U.S.A is comprised of 50 states, and the constitution of the country provide valuable powers and…
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Constitution short paper
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Extract of sample "Constitution short paper"

Topic The Constitution makes the federal government supreme and leaves little power to the s The United s of American constitution has designed the structure of federal government in such a pattern that the whole power of the country does not rest with it alone.The U.S.A is comprised of 50 states, and the constitution of the country provide valuable powers and rights to the country’s federal government and state government in an equal manner. According to (Michaelulin)“The power of the Federal government has increased in relation to the states since the adoption of the Constitution “If we need to consider a situation of a lawyer presenting a case, we need to contemplate briefly on the legislative, executive and judiciary power of the state.
Even though the federal government has the power to conduct war, control international trade, monitor drug abuse, it cannot survive without the full support of the state government .For instance, Let us assume that I am a lawyer and has to present a criminal case against a drug addict who has killed a man on the street in an attempt to steal his wallet. Here I am subjecting the case to the judge, who is the part of state government. I am not taking my case initially to the federal government. The crime has happened in a specific state, let us assume in Texas and I am obviously being approached for advocacy from the victim side from the state of Texas. My main assistance here would be the police department of Texas, which comes under the rule of state government of Texas.
In this criminal case, I would put forward some prominent points which would be deeply judgmental in offending the drug addict against the murder of my client. But I cannot collect any legal points without the support and forensic evidence of the state police department of Texas. The first procedure in any criminal case is the witnessing of police with regard to the nature of crime and the evidence the criminal have left in the crime vicinity. So here, I can strongly establish that the primary support I get should be from the state government as the police department fall under the power limit of state government. No lawyer can plan an advocacy without the forensic evidence and records of police department.
Here it is obvious that the state department’s stand is more needed and their power is more usable in order to win the criminal case of drug addict. It is a known fact, that the clause of the cases related to this specific criminal case is charted in the constitution of Federal government. However the rest of the matters related to the defending of the victim are tied up to the local government .Here only the state government is helping me as a representative to the Federal government and I do not have to approach federal government to argue my case. My whole working is within the limits of state government, and it is the local bodies and judiciary power which will aid me in proving my client as innocent.
Michaelulin. "The Power of the Federal Government Relative to the States." michaelulin. (accessed September 12, 2012). Read More
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(Constitution Short Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Constitution Short Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Constitution Short Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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