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Constitution of three countries - Research Paper Example

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Constitution of Three Countries Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract In the early days, not all nations were governed using a constitution, but today the constitution has been adopted by almost all nations around the world. There are those nations whose constitution is written, while others have opted to have theirs in oral form…
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Constitution of three countries
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Download file to see previous pages The judicial branch as outlined by the constitution has been given the responsibility of ensuring that the constitution is well implemented by the help of the court system and judges. This research paper will look at the constitutions of Britain, Kenya, and China and compare them with that of the United States. Through this, it will be realized that each country’s constitution varies when it comes to the court system, but at the same time, there are some similarities that exist. Keywords: Constitution, Court System, United States, Kenya, Britain, China, America, Term Limit, Age Limit Introduction Constitutions have existed for decades. Among the earliest constitutions is the constitution of England, which was written in 1215 in England (Thomas, 2008). This essay compares and contrasts the constitutions and court systems of three countries, which are Britain, Kenya and China, with that of the United States. The courts have the responsibility of ensuring that the constitutions are well implemented, either by the government or by the people or citizens of a particular country. What is a constitution? A constitution is referred to as “a written set of rules for a country” (Thomas, 2008, p. 6). ...
It has been discovered that most of these constitutions are very similar in some ways. The people who wrote the United Sates constitution worked really hard to make the best system of rules they could. Structures of the Court Systems of the United States, Britain, Kenya, and China United States Court System Structure Court of Last Resort or the Supreme Court: This is the most superior court in America and the final place where litigants can file appeals for their cases (“Introduction to the Court System,” 2003). The appeals received in this court are mainly from the middle appellate courts (“Introduction to the Court System,” 2003). Appeal Courts: These courts come in between the Supreme Court and the trial courts and are found in the federal governments. Their jurisdiction is broader than the Supreme Court’s. They are responsible for reviewing the facts and the law of a case. They are also referred to as the intermediate or middle appellate courts (“Introduction to the Court System,” 2003). Trial courts: They are typically known as courts of general or original jurisdiction; this is usually where a case starts. The judges and juries of these courts are given the responsibility of listening to witnesses, examining the evidence, and giving rulings. If the parties involved are not satisfied, they then appeal to the Court of Appeal, and later to the Supreme Court. These courts are given names according to the types of cases they handle and their locations. These courts are also found in the federal government (“Introduction to the Court System,” 2003). Britain’s Court System Structure The structure of the British court system is rather complex ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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