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Soba noodles - Admission/Application Essay Example

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It would not be wrong to register my middle name as ‘Foodaholic’. On second thought, ‘Sobaholic’ after the food companies review their revenue generation from my family’s purchases of soba noodles. Coming from a family…
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Soba noodles
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Download file to see previous pages The flexible nature of my edible partner resembles my personality in many ways; it can be served either hot or cold, either with soupy or dry consistency. Such flexibility tends to appeal the masses even more and makes it a common favorite in Japan and several other countries around the globe. The demand of soba noodles makes it a restaurant delicacy, as well as a common street food. My accommodating and facilitating nature has also earned me a favorable name among my group of friends and acquaintances in life. I believe in giving people benefit of doubt even when misconduct is witnessed since every action is the resultant of some instance in the past. The precision of the size and thickness of the soba noodles is almost therapeutic for me to see. The chefs ensure that uniformity is maintained across a whole batch of soba noodles to facilitate no deviation of flavor. Even the three times weekly rendezvous with this partner has not made that sight of precision any less beautiful. A regular individual might not pay heed to such excellence of precision but being a person who cannot sleep well at night if the slippers are not put straight near the bed, I applaud the chefs all the way. These are some of the traits that I and my edible mate share that has made me treasure it even more with the passage of the years.
‘Shoop, Shoop’ was the nickname of my friend, soba noodles, in my household. It was invented by the advent of a unique game at a family dinner. The rule was that nobody was allowed to cut their noodles with their forks or teeth while eating. Everyone had to suck the noodles inside their mouth while making the sound ‘shoop’ for everyone to hear. Since then, soba noodles do not only bring satisfaction to my foodie soul but they also bring some precious childhood memories.
I consider myself to be an ambitious person who possesses a dream to make his/her parents proud in every personal endeavor. Apart from my high aims and positive ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Soba Noodles Admission/Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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