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Food and Society: Report on Japanese Food & Cuisine - Assignment Example

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The Japanese cuisine and food then can be perceived as the culmination of the synergy of the rich culture and the development in terms of technology happening in the country through the course of history. To be able to appreciate and determine the influence offered by the Japanese culture in the international cuisine, the study is aimed to discuss and present the different attributes and facets of the traditional and modern cuisine and foods that can be traced from Japan…
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Food and Society: Report on Japanese Food & Cuisine
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Download file to see previous pages Japanese food and cuisine has claimed an important role in the development of food in all parts of the world and in different cultures. In the modern era, the influence of the Japanese cuisine is continuously increasing and pushing boundaries. The said role can be attributed to the history, the unique culture of the country and the traditions rooted from the oriental ancestors. Basically, the popularity of the Japanese food can be related to the reasons for the overwhelming acceptance for the food such as health aspects and the trend of promoting Asian food and culture. In a world population by people that are increasingly becoming health conscious, the Japanese cuisine can be perceive as a hope to achieve health and vitality. Based on the data gathered from the research undertaken, Japanese cuisine had given an important contribution to the world’s cuisine and food perspective. The main contributions can be based on the value given by the Japanese people in their eccentricity in the preparation and the traditional contents of the food. The modern era had been a promising time for the explosion of Asian influence to the world. This can be attributed to the technology that the Japanese offered the world, thus commencing curiosity on the food they eat. Another angle is the increasing health consciousness of the international community. Seeing the discipline involved in Japanese cuisine, people are attracted to trying and adapting what the said cuisine can offer. In general, Japanese food and cuisine had been an important influence to the international treatment, preparation and content of food. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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