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An Enlightening Dining Experience - Case Study Example

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It all started when I came back from a hard day of classes at the University of Florida. The mental stress of going through each class left me and my friends exhausted and starved. To worsen the situation, the rain was pouring outside. We did not feel like looking at another mundane, greasy delivery pizza, much less eating it thus, we began to ponder about where to go to get some good food…
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An Enlightening Dining Experience
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Download file to see previous pages We took a turn down Newberry Road, and ran into a tiny, modern looking restaurant with a large, lit dragon on the top. Next to the dragon read Bento Cafe. Bento, as in bento box Interesting enough, we pondered. We thought that at least it had to be better than that delivery pizza. Out of curiosity, we rushed inside the restaurant through the pouring rain. I must admit that I have been to many restaurants and fast food places, but Bento Caf is far from ordinary. Bento Caf portrays a unique concept, catering to college students around ages eighteen to twenty two. It's overall theme or story, dcor and atmosphere, cuisine, specialty items, reasonable prices and its proximity to campus all can be described as very unique and culminate to produce this unique concept.
It wasn't until the time we sat down that I really had a chance to take in Bento Caf's unique theme: a very small, but different type of caf or sushi bar. Many may call Bento the "McDonald's" of Japanese sushi restaurants. Far from this, Bento defines a novel trend in everyday dining experiences. It is modeled after popular cafes found in the urban parts of Japan and Taiwan. Bento Caf utilizes Zen architecture and interior design, creating a neat and uncluttered overall presentation. To complete the effect, Bento serves many of their meals in Bento boxes or little partitioned trays which are modeled after a traditional Japanese box lunch. In the Japanese culture, a box lunch is actually an art form because Japanese women may spend hours on cooking and color coordinating the food, chopsticks, tray, and the napkin for their children to carry to school or their husband to carry to work. Although this may seem a bit paltry, it actually defines a common theme in Japan. Thus, these are thought of as the cafeteria trays of Japan. This overall theme of Bento Caf may be novel for Westerners like us but defines what is traditional for the Japanese. This theme makes it a perfect place for young people to dine in and hang out.
A diner in Benton might note its very unique atmosphere which enhances its overall appeal. The restaurant can be described as different because it fuses Japanese tradition with the modern market. While some may chastise the cool and casual feel of Bento, it is extremely hip, and beckons a younger crowd of people. Compared to the usually dull and monotonous atmosphere of fine dining sushi restaurants, Bento's design is hip and trendy. Bento incorporates hard surfaces and sharp edges with the sparkle of the black marble looking tables, dark blue tiles and metallic smattering; the dcor is far from mundane and can be described as ultra-modern. The subdued lighting, neon, polished concrete, wooden chairs and flat screen televisions on the wall add to the overall ultra modern theme. However, this is balanced with soft candle lights, and blue and silver highlights which is very appealing to many college students. The glowing tables due to the brilliant lighting enhance the setting. The music in the background offers a very loungy and hip appeal. Towards the back of the caf lie a couch and a seating arrangement around a large window while a flat screen television resides in front of the couch. In its commitment to offer a perfect place, cleanliness is maintained throughout its ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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An Enlightening Dining Experience Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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