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About sales people as employee performance - Essay Example

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Its aspects can be differentiated under the influence of organizational environment, the skills of employees and the resources available for the development of the changes necessary, if any. In this context, I thought that by performing…
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About sales people as employee performance
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Extract of sample "About sales people as employee performance"

Download file to see previous pages between employee performance and sales people I would have the chance to check the differences in the form of the above relationship, as appeared in markets worldwide. In other words, I could evaluate the current potentials of employee performance to influence sales people, and vice versa.
Current training course has been related to a series of problems. At the first level, not all students are aware of all aspects of employee performance. In this way, delays appear in different phases of the courses. At the same time, existing material related to employee performance is vast. Identifying the material referring solely to sales people takes more time than estimated, a fact that will necessarily affect the progress of the course.
The instructions used in the particular course will be aligned with the course’s theme. Emphasis will be laid upon the review of material that is appropriate for understanding the course’s subject. Emphasis will be also given on the development of examinations for checking the progress of learners. Examinations will be based on exercises related to the course’s key issues and its sub-issues. Instructions should be available online, in the school’s website, so that participants are able to check the progress of their exercise, without the intervention of a third person.
My instructional strategy would have two different characteristics: it will be interactive, available through the Internet for review, and b) direct instruction. In addition, a different instructional strategy can be used anytime for evaluating the performance of sales people as employee performance.
The course will be divided into 8 sections; each section will focus on the examination of a particular issue of employee performance. The relationship between employee performance and sales people will be also analyzed. The schedule will be structured as follows: five sections will refer to employee performance; the sections, during which the relationship between ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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