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Managing Ubiquity of Information on Social Media - Essay Example

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Social media user’s self-presented identity should not emphasize certain aspects of their identity or obscure areas inconsistent with their constructed being. Instead, the political communicators should seek to strength the link between actual and ideal identity. …
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Managing Ubiquity of Information on Social Media
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Extract of sample "Managing Ubiquity of Information on Social Media"

Managing Ubiquity of Information on Social Media Managing Ubiquity of Information on Social Media Social media have revolutionized the public’s ability to communicate, as anyone can share or find information instantly and from anywhere. The latest innovation in technology is ubiquitous, society wide phenomenon with benefits in key aspects of life. The populations within democratic societies have historically been educated and informed via the media, which facilitate political systems.
Currently, the political world has embraced social media in engaging with constituents. Discussions on the political impact or utilization of social media have largely focussed on the potential of social media in sustaining public sphere and civil society. 21st Century leaders, political communicators, or digital activists face an uphill task dealing with the ubiquity of the internet and social media. Social media can derive massive benefits to political communicators, but can also inflict tremendous damage.
Social media can facilitate identity exploration; whether constructing profiles in MySpace, creating video and posting it on YouTube, or utilizing chat rooms, political communicators are constantly creating, recreating, and shaping their identities. This demands a constant reflection on who the person is, who they wish to become, shaped by values, strengths, and weaknesses. Identity in this case represents the character or personality of a person or group and encompasses unique characteristics of a person inclusive of personal values, opinions, and preferences. Social media has availed exciting new channels to share and connect with others. For political communicators, social media has aided in building and strengthening their connection between themselves and the public. Political communicators use social media to convey messages, promote events, or reach out to the community, nation, or the world at large.
The utilization of social media tools such as text messaging, e-mail, social networking, and photo sharing does not necessarily deliver a single preordained outcome. Social media has dramatically altered the landscape of identity construction whereby its use has mobilized people around the world to re-conceptualize their image. Technological advancement has enabled individuals to move from rooted identities based on place towards hybrid and flexible forms of identity (Pole, 2010). The virtual image created through the social media yields both actual and ideal identities. When used properly, social media can be used to create an icon. Nevertheless, the social media can also ruin one’s image or identity.
When done effectively, the political communicator can control the message the public is receiving. This affords them the chance to decide the information the public has access to, which aids to shape identity. However, individual’s personal lives are exposed by social media whereby people can post damaging, anonymous, or even in accurate information concerning others with little to no recourse. In direct contrast to control what the political communicators may have over their web page, the communicator bear totally no control over what is said, by whom, or how they say it over social media (Pole, 2010).
Political communicators, when using the social media, must decide how best to control messages that the public is given. Respect for copyrights and fair use coupled with protection of confidential and proprietary information should be the guiding principles (Pole, 2010). Instituting a policy for monitoring and reviewing comments to ensure that they are appropriate can reap benefits, especially in building credibility. Political communicators should be responsible in their communications as the key to success in social media hinges on honesty, thoughtfulness, and an adequate awareness of the audience.
Social media user’s self-presented identity should not emphasize certain aspects of their identity or obscure areas inconsistent with their constructed being. Instead, the political communicators should seek to strength the link between actual and ideal identity. The communications should be in good taste whereby political communicator’s sensitivity aligns with the content. In addition, it is essential for social media users to be transparent and authentic demonstrated by honesty on identity and accuracy of facts.
Pole, A. (2010). Blogging the political: Political participation in a networked society. New York, NY: Routledge. Read More
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