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In pregnancy what is the effect of anxiety on postpartum depression - Research Paper Example

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The association between postpartum depression and new parenting stress has long been established, effecting mother-child attachment and the child’s attachment to the caregiver. This stress can be defined as a disparity or lag between the resources available to meet demands…
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In pregnancy what is the effect of anxiety on postpartum depression
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Download file to see previous pages Increased levels of parenting stress directly correlate to the occurrence of postpartum depression and the anxiety experienced during pregnancy. As symptoms of antenatal anxiety and depression became more severe levels of parenting stress increase.
Antenatal depression and anxiety has been shown to impact the developing fetus as well as early child behavior. These babies spend more time crying and unhappy in appearance and demonstrate more stress related behaviors. They are often more difficult to console and appear to be more irritable. The relation between increased depression and anxiety during pregnancy even when controlling postpartum through therapy and other pharmacological means persist, despite this early intervention is strongly warranted.
Research has increasingly addressed the comorbidity of anxiety with postpartum depression. Related factors that contribute are described as low self-esteem and maternal income and these are common predictors of prenatal anxiety (Mott, Schiller, Richards, O’Hara, & Stuart, 2011). Prenatal anxiety greatly increases a woman’s chances of anxiety and depression during the first seven months of the postpartum period.
Data used for this study included a postpartum group selected from an existing data set who were enrolled in a previous study conducted through the University of Iowa. Women who participated in this study had delivered a baby in the prior 12 months and data was gathered through the use of questionnaires sent to those interested in participating in the study. There were 147 surveys or questionnaires returned that data was compiled from.
Postpartum mothers most often reported the effects of anxiety included general depression, dysphoria, lassitude, insomnia, suicide ideation, appetite loss and gain, ill-temper, social anxiety, panic and traumatic intrusions. Results of this study concluded that adoptive women experienced fewer symptoms of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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