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6-Month pregnant mothers should consider or manage personal health on a daily basis because it contributes to building a positive prenatal environment for the unborn (Kaiser & Allen, 2002). This can be achieved through a timely visiting of a health center on a routine basis…
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Prenatal and Postpartum Scenarios
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Activities for Pregnant and Postpartum woman Development psychologist 6-month Pregnant and Postpartum woman May 6,2015
Re: Activities that will positively affect the future developments of infants
6-Month pregnant mother
Managing personal health
6-Month pregnant mothers should consider or manage personal health on a daily basis because it contributes to building a positive prenatal environment for the unborn (Kaiser & Allen, 2002). This can be achieved through a timely visiting of a health center on a routine basis. Through this, the mother will be safe and manage some illnesses that might occur and interfere with the unborn. Similarly, it is helpful because it minimizes the transmission of hereditary diseases such as sickle cell anemia that might affect the child development in the future (Brotherson & Garden-Robinson, 2011).
Meeting nutritional needs
Pregnant mothers need to take a balanced diet to meet the nutritional needs of the unborn and self. This should continue until she gives birth. For instance, pregnant mothers require an additional 300 calories each day (Brotherson & Garden-Robinson, 2011). Similarly, they need adequate folic acid to help prevent birth defects of the brain and spinal cord (Kaiser & Allen, 2002). Moreover, they need to take calcium content daily to help in the unborn borne developments. Inability to meet these needs will affect the unborn in later stages because they lead to defects as well as weak bones, which quickly breaks.
Practicing healthy behaviors
Practicing a healthy behavior is a daily activity for pregnant mothers because it helps head-start in life (Kaiser & Allen, 2002). Healthy behaviors include regular exercises to keep fit, minimize stress, and build stamina. Aerobics and walking are also some exercises. Moreover, avoiding alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and extreme diets are essential daily activities because they can affect unborn the mental development in later stages of life (Brotherson & Garden-Robinson, 2011).
Postpartum woman
Taking a balanced diet
Postpartum mothers require a daily balanced diet to help them breastfeed the baby (Mayo Clinic, 2015). A balanced diet is also recommended to help regain and repair the broken tissues and cells during delivery. Moreover, taking a balanced diet daily with much fluid will help in the production of breast milk. Breast milk is essential and is the only food for the baby. The absence of breast milk and supplementing it with other food will affect the baby in later stages by developing a weak immune system (Women Health, 2015).
Postpartum mothers require enough rest of about 7-8 hours without doing any activity (Mayo Clinic, 2015). Rest itself is an activity because it relieves the mother of stress and fatigue that she undergoes from the strenuous demand of the baby (Women Health, 2015). The rest is important because the mother and baby bond. Moreover, rest help in reducing postpartum depression that many mothers suffers. Depression leads to reduced breast milk, which might malnourish the baby.
Talk therapy
Postpartum mothers need to talk and open up to family members, and share what they feel as well as need (Mayo Clinic, 2015). At this stage, many mothers experience some challenges such as depression, anxiety, trauma from birth among others. This might affect their relationship with the baby because of depression (Women Health, 2015). In turn, it might affect the production of breast milk as well as the inability to care for the baby. Therefore, developing a talk therapy is effective in influencing the well-being of the mother and baby.
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