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Studies have shown that providing appropriate parenting training among other factors is a crucial step towards promoting holistic child development. Children undergo systematic psychosocial…
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Psychology Prenatal and Postnatal Scenario affiliation Introduction Child development is an essential stage transcending neonate stage to adolescence. Studies have shown that providing appropriate parenting training among other factors is a crucial step towards promoting holistic child development. Children undergo systematic psychosocial development immediately after birth and parents have a significant influence in nurturing positive outcomes. To achieve an excellent result, parents needed to be aware of this reality. Teaching them during pregnancy and even after birth helps to ensure a child grows in an enabling environment.
In this case, a six-month pregnant mother and a postnatal mother need to be taught involve their babies in the following activities. Involving the child in plays and communicating through making sounds and ensuring eye contact is a critical aspect of psychosocial development (Reppen, 2006). Babies enjoy making eye contact, when a mother involve them through play-like sound, an array of mental processes are triggered. Learning then begins and child is now able to follow sounds and relate it with mouth plays. Sigmund Freud theory of psychosexual development recognizes oral stage as a stage of childhood development (Reppen, 2006). The use of oral games helps to build their abilities to manipulate their mouths.
Additionally, a mother should remember to talk to the baby even if they appear not to understand. Always remember to say "good-bye" when leaving the house or room. Studies have shown that this help reduce anxiety and help build a sense of trust when you come back. Lastly, it is important to stay with the child when in crowds like church. This has been found to help in reducing distress because of contact with many people. Taking to a child and smiling even in public helps in establishing a sense of confidence when meeting unfamiliar faces.
Babies learn in every circumstance, their mental activities can be submerged in fear, confusion and mistrust. One of the negative consequence is separation anxiety, especially among very young babies. This can impair normal psychological development across stages of development. Avoiding separation, scheduling time for plays help alleviate it. To prevent negative consequences of psychosocial development, a pregnant and postnatal mother should be aware of these issues.
Reppen, J. (2006). The relevance of Sigmund Freud for the 21st century. Psychoanalytic Psychology. Read More
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Prenatal and Postpartum Senario Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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