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Smoking Ban - Essay Example

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This person will soon turn out to be an addict. What is smoking? This is the inhalation and subsequent exhalation of fumes of burning tobacco. Plants dried leaves…
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Smoking Ban
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Extract of sample "Smoking Ban"

Download file to see previous pages The public was, however, largely ignorant to this fact the medics became viewed with skepticism. It took a number of long years for people to pay attention to the medics. Medical science has, nevertheless, proved beyond a reasonable doubt that smoking kills (Susman, 2012). A lot of smokers claim that it is by choice that they smoke this might be the case, but what if the person smoking is a female who is pregnant, or what if the smoker sits in a room full of young children and inflicts that choice of hers to the children. Smoking has since the early 1990’s, become antisocial and the voice of the non smokers can largely be heard (European Society of Cardiology, 2012).
Smoking ban infringes on human rights to enjoy their freedom. A lot of people believe that putting smoking bans in a number of public areas is a harsh measure and that it will affect them profoundly. There is also the other group that accepts putting bans in all public places is the way to go. The question I ask is, why do people smoke. From my research, I uncovered a couple of that lead people to smoke; First of all young people smoke because it makes them feel mature, look like their friends or even experiment (Susman, 2012). Adults, on the other hand, smoke to reduce stress or pressure (Hinds & First, 2000). Carrying a couple of smokes to work is a reward to all smokers, most of them would not think of carrying them to work if they did not have a reason too. Smoking enables one to kick back, relax and enjoy him or herself for a few minutes.
I must acknowledge that sitting with a group of people with a smoke is a terrific way to relax. The other group of people says that smoking is a social thing. For example, if a person is outside having a smoke and spots another person also having a smoke, it is always an easy and pleasant way of starting a conversation. Especially in social places like bars or clubs, these are the places, to meet people and socialize over a smoke and a drink. Smoking is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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