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Module Four Assignment - Essay Example

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During the past few decades in North America, the issues concerning fraud resumes effectively grabbed the attention of print and web-based media owing to the increased instances of falsification of employment applications. Various media information sources such as newspapers,…
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Module Four Assignment
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Extract of sample "Module Four Assignment"

Module Four Assignment Brief Discussion During the past few decades in North America, the issues concerning fraud resumes effectively grabbed the attention of print and web-based media owing to the increased instances of falsification of employment applications. Various media information sources such as newspapers, books as well as blogs stated that the employers in United States (US) were tackling an “epidemic” related to employment information which were learnt to be falsely provided along with fake qualifications. The dismissal of high profile individuals who were found to have attained high positions by falsifying their resume information made shocking headlines all over the US. The high profile individuals with information falsification charges included a former director of “Massachusetts Institute of Technology”, head coach at “Notre Dame” football team and “CEO of RadioShack”. These mentioned individuals were fired due to resume forgery. According to a survey conducted by “ADP Screening and Selection Services” in 2001, it was found that more than 44% of the applicants furnish fake information in their respective resumes (DeKay & DeKay, 2008).
Falsification of employment application relates to fraud resume information which is usually found to be furnished by the applicants during interview and candidates found guilty of such activities are usually barred from proceeding further (Texas Workforce Commission Values, 2011).
What should Jeremy do?
It has been deciphered from the case that Laura serves as a transcriptionist in a company where Jeremy acts as a director of ‘Health Information System (HIM)’ department. Laura was known to acquire this position by providing incorrect information that she held an associate’s degree. But after a definite period of time Jeremy discovered the reality from one of Laura’s colleagues that she was yet to receive the degree after completing two classes. In such a circumstance, Jeremy should terminate Laura from her designation as soon as possible. However, if Laura is found to hold an effective performance record then it would be quite difficult for Jeremy to undertake such an action. In this situation, Jeremy needs to consider the fact that whether his decision of firing Laura would affect the profit of the company or not as a company’s profit is believed to depend on employees’ performance (McCuen Sayles & Schnering, 2007).
According to the US employment act, this kind of fraudulent information is considered to be illegal by the companies. Jeremy can terminate Laura for a specified time period till she attains her degree by attending the classes that she is short of. In case Laura is known to have delivered effective performances in the past then after acquiring the concerned degree Jeremy can recruit Laura by signing a bond which would prevent her or any other employee from indulging in such illegal acts in future (McCuen Sayles & Schnering, 2007).

How should he handle the meeting with Laura?
Jeremy after receiving the information about Laura’s falsified resume should arrange for a meeting with Laura in order to discuss the issue. During this meeting, Jeremy should warn Laura by making her sign a bond, provided her performance is considered to be beneficial for the company or else she should be fired immediately (McCuen Sayles & Schnering, 2007).

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(Module Four Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1)
Module Four Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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