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Self-evaluation People Have Become Overly Dependent on Technology - Essay Example

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The hypothesis needs to be indicated in italics and not as a personal statement. There are certain fallacies in establishing this argument. In the…
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Self-evaluation People Have Become Overly Dependent on Technology
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Extract of sample "Self-evaluation People Have Become Overly Dependent on Technology"

People Have Become Overly Dependent On Technology The overall argument in the paper s that technology has actually affected our lives and we have become overly dependent on it. The hypothesis needs to be indicated in italics and not as a personal statement. There are certain fallacies in establishing this argument. In the paragraph mentioning about the influence of cars in our lives, the attention shifts towards Microsoft and the usage of its technology in our lives. The comments mentioned in the paragraph are not sufficient to validate the fact the technology is hampering us or we are becoming its slave. The argument that people embrace a culture dependent on technology needs to be explained a little more. Spell checker argument does not clearly explain if it is the attraction of the feature that is making us use it or we are doing it berceuse of laziness and boredom. The statement needs to be elaborated in this regard. The paper shows the different benefits of technology on human life but is insufficient in establishing the human factor. Technology affected human behavior which led them to use it frequently that ultimately converted their life styles. This needs to be elaborated. Technology is human a creation but how it influences human emotions and its activities needs to be researched on. There are negatives aspects of technology too and it needs to be extended a little more in this contexts. By using technology we are losing our human values like sending emails instead of a personal greeting in festivals and celebrations. Though it is fast and more convenient, it lacks its human appeal. But still human beings go by it. Why is this so? The paper needs to explain this clearly. Technology and its advantages have captured human consciousness and their capacity to work and use their power for completing a task. There has to be a behavioral element to it that would explain how technological advancements affect human willingness to do a task themselves (Jones, 1984). The examples explained in the paper talks about the different advantages that technology has brought in our lives but it does not firmly establish how humans become increasingly exposed towards it. There are benefits but what compels us towards it? Is it the feature, our tendency to work fast or our lack of willingness to do it ourselves? This needs to e differentiated. The paragraph talks about the negative impacts of technology in our lives. I think it is not necessary as the paper is to ascertain if technology has affected us or we have become its slave willingly (Taslitz, 2002). But correcting these factors the paper will be able to validate its main topic as whether technology is in itself an attracting feature that has made its impact on human lives or have we submitted ourselves to it.
Jones, G., R. (1984). Task visibility, free riding, and shirking: Explaining the effect of structure and technology on employee behavior. The Academy of Management Review, 9(4)
Taslitz, A., E. (2002). The Fourth Amendment... Law and Contemporary Problems, 65(2) Read More
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