Ethics: Theory and Practice: Ethical Problems of Gambling - Research Paper Example

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Ethics and Gambling Outline Introduction Problems and Issues Associated with Gambling How the Perspective of Utilitarianism Perceives Gambling? Gambling at the Vantage Point of Relativism My Subjective Interpretation on the Ethics of Gambling References Introduction Over the years, gambling can be perceived with such popularity across most cultures…
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Ethics: Theory and Practice: Ethical Problems of Gambling
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Download file to see previous pages Nonetheless, for the others, gambling is considered to be parts of their lives in which it happens to be greater than harmless sort of fun. That is to say, it even comes in its severe form which is classified as a mental health disorder, the pathological gambling. Before addressing the issues accompanying gambling, it is deemed important to first contextualize what gambling is. Potenza (2008) defined the term as the act of putting the money or some valuable things at stake as to having a goal of possibly winning money or more material goods in return. However, the possibility of risks and uncertainty is always present because it is a game of chance. Its prevalence is undeniable because gambling comes in different forms. Blaszczynski, Walker, Sagris and Dickerson (1997) enumerated the forms of gambling as gaming, betting, lottery as well as speculation. Nonetheless, gambling has evolved along with the development of technology making it more present and available. At present, gambling can be done online like poker unlike before that it is just a face – to – face activity. Given that some of its forms are regarded as activities that have become socially acceptable and legitimate not only in the American society but the rest of the world, gambling happens to affect the behaviors of individual from having no involvement at all to highly involved. Shaffer and Korn (2002) stated that those who engage in gambling can be characterized as social, at – risk, subclinical, problem, pathological, compulsive, and in – transition. However, it is the case that an individual’s degree of involvement is shaped by the biological, psychological, cultural, economic and social elements. Given this, the focus of this paper delves at looking at the ethics of gambling. In the evaluation of the rightness or wrongness of such activity, first, this paper presents the problems associated with gambling. Second, its ethics is looked at through using the perspective of ulitarianism. Third, the theory of ulitarianism is contrasted by relativism. Finally, this paper concludes with my personal view of the ethics of gambling. Problems and Issues Associated with Gambling The reason why people engage in gambling is simple. People are putting at stake their own money because they can gain more money in return. Winning money in gambling is definitely good while losing money is otherwise. It is indeed the case that some individuals consider gambling as a relaxing activity (Blaszczynski et al., 1997; Ashley & Boehlke, 2012). However, the consequences can be indeed serious especially when it is not just about the losing of money but when it comes to a point of affecting the person’s life (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAHM), 2008). The problems and issues associated with gambling are varied from mild to severe. Some people casually gamble and find themselves entertained without suffering from any harm. The others are the serious gamblers playing on a regular basis though still consider the family and work life as the highest priority. However, unfortunately, there are some individuals who gamble excessively which then go through the negative consequences of gambling. According to CAHM (2008), the problems with overly gambling involve the physical, mental, financial as well as the social for it happens to greatly impact the work or school life through ruining a reputation or even for having problems with social ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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