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Pro and Con - Essay Example

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The writer, of this article, is known as Raúl Hinojosa-Ojeda. Hinojosa-Ojeda is in support of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1987 (Hinojosa-Ojeda 1). It is vital to note that this…
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Pro and Con
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Extract of sample "Pro and Con"

Task: The first article argues that illegal immigrants should achieve legal status in USA. The of this article, is known as Raúl Hinojosa-Ojeda. Hinojosa-Ojeda is in support of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1987 (Hinojosa-Ojeda 1). It is vital to note that this act enabled legal status to several undocumented Hispanic immigrants. Hinojosa argues that this was responsible for later economic progress, of these immigrants, and the overall economy. In this sense, they could seek for better jobs, establish businesses and improve their communities. Eventually, this contributed to the health of the USA’s economy. It is vital to note that the author critiqued the lack of flexibility of the reform act as regards the control of immigration.
The second article argues that illegal immigrants should not attain legal status in particular countries. He states that USA can attain lessons from Europe in terms of granting amnesty to illegal immigrants. Paul Belien, the author, argues that several European countries accorded legal status to illegal immigrants in the 2000’s. Countries, such as Italy and France, opened the floodgates for more immigrants that became unmanageable. This is because many undiscovered immigrants showed up for certification.
In the analysis of Hinojosa article, it is vital that he provides three perspectives to the same. The first two arguments props the authors’ view of providing legal status to immigrants. The third article highlights the loophole of the IRCA act of 1987. The first argument highlights that legalized immigrants progress more economically. It is vital to note that the paper provided statistics, from the labor department, to prop this position. The hourly wages of legal immigrants had at increased at an average rate of 15.1 percent from 1987 to 1992 (Hinojosa-Ojeda 2). In the same period, the female immigrants had improved their wages at a rate of 20.5 percent. On the other hand, there had been an increase of 13.2 percent. These statistics correlated with the fact that a percentage of 38, of Mexican men, had adjusted to better-paying occupations.
The paper argues that this translates to economic progress because the immigrants possess better bargaining powers (Belien 22). However, it only stresses on the economic benefits such as businesses, income and houses. This contributes to overall economic progress in terms of tax revenues for the government. It is crucial to note that the paper is comprehensive in noting that the IRCA act did not provide policies for managing uncontrolled immigration.
In the analysis of Paul Bisien’s article, it is vital to note that he provides examples for his case. It is vital to note that the paper entails a significant history that exemplifies the hurdles of allowing immigrants in countries. The Western Europe has granted legal status to five million immigrants. The problem with amnesties, in Europe, regards the fact that they allow immigration into other countries. A prominent case, in the paper, pertains to the Ayaan Hirsi Ali Affair (Belien 23). She was a minister of Justice in the Dutch government. The country confirmed that she had attained her status under fraud circumstances. She had attained political asylum on the pretext of having fled Somalia. In this sense, Holland moved to tighten its immigration policy after it discovered the danger of according legal status to illegal immigrants.
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