Should the government provide free public education to children of illegal immigrants - Essay Example

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I. Introduction • Americas welcomed immigrants 400 years ago, but today, the issue has become controversial • America is seen as a haven for success and prosperity by many of the immigrants. • The process of migrating to America has become more difficult and many people are choosing to migrate illegally II…
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Should the government provide free public education to children of illegal immigrants
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"Should the government provide free public education to children of illegal immigrants"

Download file to see previous pages Arguments for Educating • Moral justification since the children are underage and did not choose to be illegals • Criminal potential; uneducated immigrants might become criminals in future • The American dream, America should welcome those who are projected for fighting for its ideologies in their countries such as democracy • Economic Social and Educational Value, immigrants can play a role in the developing the country as teachers or business people IV. Conclusion • Educating of immigrants children has both positive and negative impacts • The position of Americans on the issue has softened over time • These children should be given a chance at a better future Four hundred years ago, America welcomed visitors and immigrants from all over the world, with the passage of time, generations of these people and their descendants became the citizens of the United States. However, of late, immigration has become thorny topic and the American borders are no longer open to all due to a myriad of demographic and security issues. For one to become a citizen, there is a long process to be followed, and few people have the patience or the means to follow this up. Despite the legal restrictions, America is still, in the eyes of many people a haven of prosperity and security, and this has resulted to illegal immigrants who cross over the border through either land or sea to try their luck in the states. President Obama through the Dream act gave immigrant’s children who have been brought up in America a chance to pursue their education, which was previously impossible due to legal restrictions (Orchowski, 2010). This has elicited a myriad of reactions from different quarters with some agreeing, but many set against this move. This paper is will discuss the two sides of the argument and attempt to argue out that the children of immigrants should be given a chance at an education in the United States. Americans opposing this often have come up with several arguments to support their position; they include claiming that; allowing the children of these immigrants access to public education in America is self-defeating. This is because it implies that the American government is using taxpayer’s money to fund the US border patrol to keep out illegal immigrants, while at the same time educating their children from the same coffers. They argue that the education of immigrant’s children will drive up the taxes especially in view if the fact that their parents, who have no social security numbers, do not pay taxes, as such it is the taxpayer who will bear the whole burden. In addition, another argument is that the education of illegal immigrants is a slap in the face of those legal migrants who have worked hard and paid the taxes. Besides, immigrants might be an encouragement to come to the country purposefully, so that they can get an education hence, in the end, they will spur more immigrants to come over escalating the illegal immigrants problems. To mitigate this, the Dream act covers only the children who had been in America before it was enacted, but admittedly, it will be hard to ensure it will not encourage future immigrants to cross over illegally. While one must concede that these arguments are valid largely, they do not tell the whole story; neither do they represent all the variables that arise when an immigrant’s child is educated in the states. At the need of the day, it is essential one considers the advantages of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Should the government provide free public education to children of illegal immigrants
The USA has gained the reputation of a land of opportunities both with respect to education and employment. This, together with the tough and extremely critical immigration policies of the USA are the main causes of increase in the population of illegal immigrants in the USA.
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Should the government provide free public education to children of illegal immigrants
1. Illegal Immigrants and Free Public Education a) Introduction b) Body i. Educational Goals ii. Importance of free public education for illegal immigrants a. Reducing crime b. Peace and Harmony enlightenment c. Solve labor importation d. Improving Life style iii.
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Should the government provide free public education to children of illegal immigrants
Coming up with a budget that cares for these individuals has been a stumbling block to the government, but a solution must be realized. This paper will critically analyze the question of whether providing free education to illegal immigrants in America should be allowed.
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Are there any Medicaid policies towards illegal and legal immigrants
This paper will throw light upon the Medicaid policies provided to the legal as well as illegal immigrants. “Each year the Border Patrol is making more than a million apprehensions of people who flagrantly violate our nations
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Free Appropriate Public Education
as affirms the rights of disabled children and upholds them as equal to, and just as important as, those enjoyed by non-special needs students across the country. As a civil rights doctrine which confirms and affirms the educational rights of disabled children, it derives its
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Harms of Illegal Immigration
One of the most important issues of the White House and Congress should be securing the borders, but homeland security is all but nonexistent. This is a complex problem that is not being solved by the congressmen, who continuously fail to act in the country's best interests.
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Is it ethical to hire illegal immigrants in Hospitality Industry
It is obvious that if they do not hire illegal immigrants, they have to increase pay scale for their workers. Immigration has always been a major issue in the United States, a large portion f our population is made up f people who came from other countries.
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Exploration of Healthcare and Immigrants
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The Government should shouldn't provide free university education for everyone
It therefore follows that government should provide free education for everyone for the people to exercise their right to learn. Education is not just about going to college or high school. It is about learning new things that makes an individual grow
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Education to Children of Illegal Immigrants
According to Hjarno (2003), America receives the largest number of illegal immigrants in the world. Most illegal immigrants migrate to the country with anticipation of high living standards and freedom from inherent problems such as wars and oppression. The government should provide free education to children of illegal immigrants.
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