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Pricing Problem - Essay Example

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The primary focus of a pre-negotiation plan is to guarantee that the government has developed objectives of the negotiation that will guide to the purchasing of services and supplies at a reasonable and fair price. Negotiating any kind of pricing action needs the development of…
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Pricing Problem
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Download file to see previous pages The progress of a pre-negotiation plan that does not reflect any kind of rigorous analysis, assessment and examination through element of cost will lessen the accomplishment of obtaining a reasonable and fair price. Where there is a departure from the established negotiation objective, the memorandum of the price negotiation should not only recognize the negotiated results but also reproduce the same level of rigor and severity in the examination, assessment and basis for its acceptance. In the absence of sufficient price competition, the contracting officer should apply and document in the pre-negotiation plan the analytical and systematic techniques that will help evaluate whether a proposed price is reasonable and fair.
The pre-negotiation plan is an official document and certificate of the negotiation objectives of the contracting officers with regard to pricing, business, technological and contractual issues. It documents the pertinent issues and problems to be negotiated and the objectives of cost and a profit or fee objective. Due to the fact that it serves as a foundation of the negotiation, the pre-negotiation plan must completely explain the positions of the government and the contractor. The template, which is integrated as Attachment-A, is provided to help contracting officers in the examination of their negotiation objectives when cost analysis is necessary to support negotiations. “Contracting activities are encouraged, through implementation level procedures, to establish additional templates that are more aligned with the specific needs of their organization and procurements” (“Negotiation Documentation: Pre-Negotiation Plan & the Price Negotiation Memorandum”).
Completely explain the findings and recommendations of the evaluators, auditors and others providing advisory assistance, foundations of their findings and the extent to which they were involved in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Pricing Problem Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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