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Module 7 Crisis Intervention - Research Paper Example

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There are actually many more, or over three (3) times more of such incidents because, according to the Department of Defense, 86% don’t report the matter to their superiors out of fear that…
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Module 7 Crisis Intervention
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Download file to see previous pages The reasons for not reporting sexual assaults, although those violated wanted to, also included minor punishments for those military men who would be found guilty by the military court. This was the impression kept in the military. Their superiors might not even report the incident in order to seek justice for the victim. In the military, it is said that the commanding officers serve as the judge. To initiate the investigations and change policies in the military, over a dozen complaints were filed in 2011 alone.
Reflecting on these widespread cases of sexual assault in the military, one would have to consider the various possible root causes. If these were not in the military, the victims can simply file their complaint by first reporting the assault to the police force, who will in turn document the incident in preparation for a legal case against the attacker. However, the assaults taking place in the military are different. If the victims complain and their superiors do nothing about it, they can become a laughing stock in the military. There were reports about sexual assaults done not by just one man but by several men. Yet nothing might be done to bring the case to justice. One probable reason could be due to the fact that the commanding officers themselves would be found partly guilty of mismanaging the behaviour of their soldiers. If the soldiers are kept busy doing some things productive, there won’t be opportunities to be idle and tempted.
What the victims can do is to avail of free consultations online in order to take full control of the emotions and anger while finding ways to bring the matter to justice. This refers to getting psychological advices as well as legal advices even while in the military, with the condition that such advices are not from outside of the United States, for the purpose of keeping military matters confidential at least to foreigners. That is if the government will eventually allow military personnel to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Module 7 Crisis Intervention Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Module 7 Crisis Intervention Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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