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You must write a 1,500 word on ONE of the case studies listed below: - Essay Example

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This may be due to the desperation that forces the rival parties and as such they devise any potential means of suppressing and…
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You must write a 1,500 word essay on ONE of the case studies listed below:
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"You must write a 1,500 word on ONE of the case studies listed below:"

Download file to see previous pages 7). To better understand humanitarian intervention, the following discussion text will focus on “Operation Iraqi Freedom”, an operation launched in 2002 aimed at ousting authoritarian Saddam Hussein, in developing the fundamentals of humanitarian intervention. In addition, it will evaluate the humanitarian intervention provided and explain why its mediation is important.
The driving factor for development of Operation Iraqi Freedom was that Saddam Hussein’s rule was posing as a threat to Iraqi citizens, the larger Middle East region such as invading Iran, and the world at large. Saddam would kill anyone who crossed his ruling path, he was always against Shiite Arabs and Kurds of which thousands perished under his authority, he orchestrated several known instances of terrorist acts connected to Al Qaeda such as 9/11, and worst of all; America feared that Saddam was integrating chemical weaponry into his military, and this threatened the entire globe’s existence (Dale 2008, p. 6). Citing this as sufficient evidence, America and some allies, armoured to the teeth moved into Iraq on the March 20, 2003.
Carter (2005, p. 4) estimates the military power exported to Iraqi as an approximate 137, 157 troops and these were divided into active duty, national guard, reserve forces, and non-U. S. (Additional) support forces drawn from 25 countries. These units further comprised of Marine Corps, Air Force, Navy and Army personnel and with them were sophisticated air, navy, and ground artillery. The first move was to weaken and take out the Iraqi defence forces by destroying major command stations and army bases. The move was successful in about three weeks from the first day of the invasion. After weakening the army, the United States moved in to topple Saddam’s administration, which it did with much ease, causing Saddam to flee. This was the first move in restoring calm to the Iraqi people after ousting of a brutal dictator. It was an even more relief for the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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You Must Write a 1,500 Word Essay on ONE of the Case Studies Listed.
“You Must Write a 1,500 Word Essay on ONE of the Case Studies Listed”, n.d.
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