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Communication of warning regarding severe weather or disaster should be done in a way so as to make people prepared for the disaster (Lindell, Prater, & Perry, 2006). In this paper the above storm advisory will be evaluated. An acceptable warning message or advisory should at a…
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HS630 Week 9 Conf Part 4
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Tropical Storm Advisory The tropical storm advisory issued by National Hurricane Center Miami Florida on 11th July is given below. “Tropical Storm Daniel Advisory Number 29 
National Hurricane Center Miami Fl Ep042012 
200 AM PDT Wed, Jul 11 2012 
Daniel Expected To Cross Over Into The Central Pacific Ocean Later This Morning 
Summary Of 200 AM PDT 0900 Utc Information 
Location 15.4n 139.7w 
Maximum Sustained Winds 40 Mph 65 Km/H 
Present Movement W Or 270 Degrees At 16 Mph 26 Km/H 
Minimum Central Pressure 1005 Mb 29.68 Inches 
Watches And Warnings 
There Are No Coastal Watches Or Warnings In Effect. 
Discussion And 48-Hour Outlook 
Located Near Latitude 15.4 North Longitude 139.7 West. Daniel Is Moving Toward The West Near 16 Mph 26 Km/H And This Motion Is 
Expected To Continue During The Next 48 Hours. On The Forecast Track Daniel Will Cross Over Into The Central Pacific Ocean Later 
Maximum Sustained Winds Are Near 40 Mph 65 Km/H With Higher Gusts. Weakening Is Forecast During The Next Couple Of Days And System By Thursday. 
Tropical-Storm-Force Winds Extend Outward Up To 60 Miles 95 Km From The Center. 
The Estimated Minimum Central Pressure Is 1005 Mb 29.68 Inches” (Weather Information Network, 2012).
Effectiveness of Communication
Communication of warning regarding severe weather or disaster should be done in a way so as to make people prepared for the disaster (Lindell, Prater, & Perry, 2006). In this paper the above storm advisory will be evaluated. An acceptable warning message or advisory should at a minimum make the risk clear to the people, should prepare people, and should inform people about where to get more information.
Were the risks made clear?
In the above storm advisory all risks are made clear. The speed of the expected winds is given and the location of the storm is also mentioned. The storm advisory clearly mentions people from which geographical area will be affected by the storm. Another good thing about the advisory is that it includes the range of wind speeds from minimum to maximum. Also a 48 hour outlook is given in the advisory.
Do people know what to do and when to do it?
The people are not told exactly what to do explicitly but weather conditions are laid out clearly in the geographical region. Timing is clearly mentioned in the advisory which is something good. People are totally informed about the timings of the storm. The speed of wind is given, and therefore, people are expected to prepare themselves.
Do people know how to get more information?
This is an area where this advisory is lacking as people are not told where to get more information. The advisory states only the course of the storm and other related information, but there is no mention of a phone number or a website from where people can get more information. A storm advisory can show more information about where to get more detailed information about the storm.
The above advisory is appropriate and represents the usual warnings that are issued. The advisory could have given a phone number or website where people could have got more information. All the technical information regarding the storm was given which is good.
Lindell, M., Prater, C. & Perry, R. (2006). Introduction to Emergency Management. London: Wiley Custom Publisher
Weather Information Network. (2012). Tropical Storm Daniel Advisory Number 29. Retrieved on August 01, 2012 from  Read More
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HS630 Week 9 Conf Part 4 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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