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Business Case Assessment-Marketing in Healthcare - Research Paper Example

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The marketing plan for the cardiac imaging center focuses on the situation analysis that includes the evaluation of the company, its customers, its competitors and its collaborators. For the assessment of the environment, PEST as well as SWOT analysis tools has been considered…
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Business Case Assessment-Marketing in Healthcare
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Extract of sample "Business Case Assessment-Marketing in Healthcare"

Download file to see previous pages In addition, the short and long term projections have also been listed along with the evaluation of the plan.
The procedure that is used for evaluating the coronary as well as the peripheral disease is regarded as cardiac imaging. The investigations that are performed under cardiac imaging include Electrocardiography (EKG or ECG) stress tests and resting echocardiograms tests among others. Tests regarding specific vascular diseases such as carotid arterial, extremity arterial as well as the renal arterial are also performed under the cardiac imaging process. The other benefit of cardiac imaging center can be identified in terms that the non-toxic dye used for the purpose of imaging does not affect the kidneys of the patient. Through this process, the researcher can view the heart from a 360-degree angle which was earlier considered to be impossible with catheterization. Moreover, in comparison to the traditional means, the process of cardiac imaging is painless along with being cost-effective as well. The cardiac imaging procedure is also considered to be risk free with almost no complications (Restrepo & Bardo, 2010).
Based on these virtues of cardiac imaging, the demand for such processes has increased substantially over the past years. Considering these aspects and the increasing number of people being affected by such diseases, the primary intention of the plan would be to facilitate a wider reach of the treatment. Hence, the strategic goal of marketing the product will be to serve an increasing customer base with the assistance of efficient medical practitioners. However, as the product tends to focus on the health issues concerning the society, making further contributions to the overall well-being of the community, sales and revenue generation will not be treated as a primary objective. In addition, greater significance will be rendered towards fund allocations from various governmental and private sector ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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