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John Stewart - Essay Example

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The boy was a natural born aggressive comedian, so that by 1989 he was already on the theater scenes hosting comedies with a grand launch of an MTV talk show, The Jon Stewart Show ("Jon Stewart -…
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John Stewart
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Extract of sample "John Stewart"

July Re: Cursory Internet Research PERSONAL INFORMATION Jon Stewart was born in Lawrenceville on November, 1962, in the city of New Jersey. The boy was a natural born aggressive comedian, so that by 1989 he was already on the theater scenes hosting comedies with a grand launch of an MTV talk show, The Jon Stewart Show ("Jon Stewart - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" 2012). Thereafter, he has appeared on several TV shows and programs becoming the anchor of the Daily show in 1999. The highly progressive man is, hence, on demand as a feature artist and film actor. His progressive path can, therefore, be traced from comedy to becoming a television host of the central comedy (Scherer 11).
Jon’s mother was an education consultant and a teacher; his father was a professor of physics at the college of New Jersey who now handles online courses at the Edison State College. Stewart’s parents are today separated and the actor considers him a subject of anti-Semitic bullying when he was a child. He farther goes on to describe himself as a Eugene of debs while in high school (Scherer 33).
The fame as exhibited by the actor and TV host comes in handy with a variety of implications ranging from threats to content that are directed towards defaming the character of the actor. This is further supported due to the development of the modern networking sites, which are likely to fuel the propaganda as they are propagated. The following sites:;;;, represent a positive replica of the artist since they have not presented any negative, threatening or inappropriate content about the celebrity’s acts ("The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - Political Comedy - Fake News | Comedy Central" 2012). Instead, the film actor has proved to be on demand, having handled several awards shows and received all positive accolades.
He hosted two consecutive Grammy Award shows both for 2001 and 2002; further, he hosted the 2006 Academy Awards ceremony. All the comments about the hosts’ up to date are so positive of the actor and comedian. Among the films he has received praises for after appearing as one of the leading actors include the Box office bomb Death to Smoochy together with Robin Williams and Edward Norton (Scherer 126).
Both print and hard media have furthered praises on the comedian and actor Jon Stewart. From the articles we have gone through, we have not found any with threatening or inappropriate information directed towards Jon Stewart ("The Daily Show Fan Club | Fansite with photos, videos, and more" 2012). Besides being a talented actor, Stewart has been published as a writer in several magazines among which we have The New Yorker and Esquire. So far, the author has completed two books: Naked Pictures of Famous People and A Citizens Guide to Democracy Inaction, which was the best selling at the time ("The Daily Show (TheDailyShow) on Twitter" 2012).
Recently Stewart’s mocks claim that it is too early to talk about Gun Control. The actor cum comedian has though taken it head on with the media on such claims most so after the movie theater in the Colorado was released ("Rally to Restore Sanity" 2012). He reacted by opposing the claims arguing that it was exactly the right time to talk about the issues. This reactions received massive support though there came a few opposing forces.
According to the cursory research conducted, there were not any controversies as to the actor’s upcoming travel plans. In addition, there were not any references concerning this ("Rally to Restore Sanity" 2012).
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John Stewart Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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