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People and organization management- leadership - Essay Example

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There are many issues that emerge when one considers leadership. Why is a good leader a must for running organizations? What is a definition of leadership? Over the years…
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People and organization management- leadership
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Extract of sample "People and organization management- leadership"

Download file to see previous pages The transactional leadership approach “works through creating clear structures whereby it is clear what is required of their subordinates, and the rewards that they get for following orders” ("Changing Minds"). This theory focuses on the interaction between the leaders and Subordinates.  It is rely on the concept that a leader’s role is to let his followers to know clearly what he expect from them, this theory uses the rewards and punishments approaches for getting these prospects.  8
The servant leadership model is one of the less mainstream leadership models. This theory believes that leaders have to put the interest of followers, customers, and the society ahead of their own benefit to get the success (Stevens 2003). The principle of this theory has a huge amount of recognition within leadership circles and it is described as a set of beliefs and morals that leaders are willing to embrace them. 8
There are many benefits of democratic leadership. By adopting this style of leadership better ideas and more creative solutions for the problems can take place. Group members also feel more touched by the higher management, involved and devoted to projects, all these making them more likely to care about the end outcome. Researches show that democratic style has a result to elevated productivity among group members. Empirical studies have even indicated that individuals with high self-esteem prefer democratic leadership models (Schoel, Bluemke, et al. 2011) Still, there are also downsides of democratic leadership. Even if this style has been described as the most successful and effective leadership style, it has a few downsides. In cases where roles are undefined and unclear or time is essential democratic leadership can lead to communication failures and incomplete tasks. In some situation, group members may not have the appropriate knowledge or skill to make quality contributions to the decision-making process. 14
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