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People, Organisations and Management - Assignment Example

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This essay stresses that a leader must be ideological, mature, thoughtful, passionate, committed, focused, and ready to deliver.” In the scope of leadership, some leaders are born while others are made. The leaders who are born become prominent personalities out of their virtues…
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Extract of sample "People, Organisations and Management"

In all the research concerning leadership, as is concerned once again goes back to the spiritual dimension. One must possess many traits as a leader. Manion (2011) explains, “A leader must be ideological, mature, thoughtful, passionate, committed, focused, and ready to deliver.” In the scope of leadership, some leaders are born while others are made. The leaders who are born become prominent personalities out of their virtues. The latter are leaders who learn to become leaders, and in the process, they borrow leadership qualities from their mentors. Leaders can be good leaders by going through enough training and growth.
Effective approaches to leadership and management in any sector calls for astute commitment, passion, and ideological driven mind (Manion, 2011). These techniques demand many leadership and managerial qualities. To achieve all the essential leadership and managerial qualities, successful techniques remain vital.
Management is the process of coordinating different function in business or organization to achieve a well-defined objective. Throughout the process of management, professional managers require ethical behavior for successful process of executing their duties. It is imperative for managers to examine their standards to ensure that they are well-founded to shape and help the company to make moral decisions. Good or great management process is an essential aspect of an organization or a business. In fact, management and leadership go hand in hand, although they are different (Armstrong and Stephens, 2005). As per my experience, I believe that management involves working with others with the aim of achieving a common goal while leadership involves leading and influencing others to do their best. Both leadership and management play an essential role in organizations.
Groups and Teams
A team is more than a group of people working together for a common goal. It must be a group of individuals that work as a single unit, working towards a mutual hallucination of achievement (Lumsden, Lumsden and Wiethoff, 2010). Working as a team matters because it is difficult to achieve some goals individually. A team remains necessary because each member’s work complements and supports the others’ (Levi, 2011).
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