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Compare two of the regional human rights systems, analyzing the similarities and differences in their respective approaches to the protection and promotion of human rights - Essay Example

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Human rights are universal1 (Donnelly, 1989, p. 140-141). This means that they are crosscutting and go beyond boundaries. For this reason, there have been several efforts to create cooperation in…
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Compare two of the regional human rights systems, analyzing the similarities and differences in their respective approaches to the protection and promotion of human rights
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Extract of sample "Compare two of the regional human rights systems, analyzing the similarities and differences in their respective approaches to the protection and promotion of human rights"

Download file to see previous pages They are the precursors of normative frameworks. They form the minimum standards that a member state has to adhere to while enacting their municipal law must conform to these standards. This means that in any case a country seeks to enact a municipal dealing with a matter that is covered under any human right system, then that country needs to use the standard set in that particular human right system as the benchmark.
There are three main human rights systems in the world; the European Human Right System, the Americas Human Rights system and the African Human right system. For the purposes of this paper, the comparison shall be focused on the European and the African Human Rights system. The choice of the two is influenced by the fact that the European Human Right system was the first to develop while the African human right system is the last to develop. Another motivation for choosing these two systems is derived from the fact one is established in the developed region while the other is developed in a developing region. Despite the existence of the African Human rights system there is still a high level of human rights violation.
It is important to note that each of these human rights systems developed out of influences and forces unique to the nations involved. These systems developed at different times and were triggered by different reasons. It is also imperative to note that each of these three systems has specific and tailor -made solutions and means to ensure that the specific rights of a certain group of people is catered for. The matters that led to the development of the European Human Right system were influenced by the World War II. On the other hand, the African Human Right system was triggered by other factors the main one being colonialism. Robertson (1982) propounds that the belief by the European nations that in order to secure democracy human rights had to be respected. The East Europe as well as the Western ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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