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Human rights issues - Essay Example

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The human rights declaration in 1948 was a major achievement for the United Nations. This was because, from different regions in the world, the human rights documents included values which were to be applied globally to all citizens across the world irrespective of gender, race or ethnicity…
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Human rights issues
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Extract of sample "Human rights issues"

Download file to see previous pages The human rights declaration in 1948 was a major achievement for the United Nations. This was because, from different regions in the world, the human rights documents included values which were to be applied globally to all citizens across the world irrespective of gender, race or ethnicity. Moreover, the basic functions in which human rights were created to serve were to ensure equality among men in different spheres of life, and endowed individuals with an opportunity to have life, liberty and happiness in all corners of the planet. Human rights apply in all major contexts which characterized daily human activities around the planet. They are social, physical, emotional, and economical amongst others. What this simply means is that the values stated in the human rights document are applicable in all aspects of life. An example is when trading, there are human rights values which both parties must abide to exercise equality. The topic of human rights is of extreme importance to me because in my understating it has made my world a better place. Unlike before where the world was full insecurities, today I know with course I can travel to anywhere within my country and to freely interact with any individuals whosoever I wish without developing fear or being discriminated because of gender, race or ethnicity. In addition, to other individuals, human rights is of extreme importance because in a century or year, characterized by globalization ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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