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The Effects of Global Warming on the United States and Sudan - Essay Example

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The connection between global warming and human rights cannot be underestimated because, as global warming shapes climates and migration patterns, it can also affect people’s access to basic human rights to food, water, and shelter and their freedoms of speech and movement…
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The Effects of Global Warming on the United States and Sudan
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Extract of sample "The Effects of Global Warming on the United States and Sudan"

Download file to see previous pages Global warming has similar negative effects on human rights issues because of its impacts on health and water and food security in the U.S. and Sudan, but Sudan experiences a different negative effect of potentially greater conflict because of the scarcity of basic needs.
The history of human rights in Sudan and the U.S. are dissimilar in values because they have different human rights conditions. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights provides basic guidelines for all nations regarding the establishment and protection of equal human rights. The U.S. has a Constitution and Bill of Rights that aim to promote basic human rights, as well as access to civil and political freedoms. After the Civil Rights Movement, equality laws and other laws reinforced equality and banned discrimination of any form. The U.S. also has a vision of environmental justice that is essential to environmental rights. In 1994, President Bill Clinton issued Executive Order 12898 that mandated federal agencies to pursue environmental justice (Dawson 326). Six years afterwards, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued instructions for the state agencies, so that they can handle environmental justice lawsuits (Dawson 326). This movement declined under the Bush administration because of the dominance of business interests, while Obama returned the importance of environmental concerns (Dawson 326). Based on the history of human rights and environmental issues in the U.S., it has been a series of ups and downs on the basis of environmental rights, although basic rights and freedoms are relatively stable since human rights and freedoms are instituted through equality and other similar laws. The U.S. generally supports the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Sudan, on the opposite, experiences a troubled human rights history. Human rights in Sudan became harder to access since 2012 because of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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