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Mobile Computing and Wireless Communications for Construction projects - Assignment Example

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Although the whole field of IT has been a means of change, the mobile saga has had immense effects on many fields of life.
The effects…
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Mobile Computing and Wireless Communications for Construction projects
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Download file to see previous pages For the entire human race their society went through a complete revolution with the emergence of information and communications technology just a few decades back. Construction and Management is one of the numerous fields that have been benefitted immensely by Information and Communications technology. Not only have the methods of construction been perfected by technology, the ability to communicate in the real time environment among locations physically located at far off places was a revolutionizing factor indeed.
The present day construction companies’ scenario is such that highly specialized network infrastructure and special communication needs have become integral for their survival. This is owing to the intricate and advanced nature of the projects that have been taken up by the technology equipped construction companies. The general infrastructure is such that the main hub or the headquarters of the construction company is located in a main city. This construction hub is equipped with the smartest telecommunication technologies so as to remain perfectly in contact with construction points at spread out physical locations. Some construction points may be this far that they may not lie under any physical wired private or public networks or even wireless network coverage area. These construction site offices are often present at the termination of the area that is being constructed. The activities within the entire construction area may be far off from the construction office sites and construction may continue sometimes even for months and years. The movements of staff and managers between ‘different sites’ and ‘between the headquarter and sites’ are intermittent and take place at regular intervals. The terrain of the construction sites is often such that the land is physically irregular with ongoing digging and other groundwork. It is under such circumstances that the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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