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Construction of facilities in remote areas can, however, be a heavy task and hence requires the use of the appropriate techniques. The essay describes the various processes of…
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Techniques for constructing facilities in remote locations
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Download file to see previous pages processes involved when constructing facilities in remote areas which include: site selection, site characterization, construction and post construction technique.
The construction of facilities is a very important aspect of the day-to-day lives. An effective facility needs to be responsive and able to support the economic activities that might be taking place at the constructed facility. The constructed facility needs to be safe, secure, comfortable, accessible, well illuminated as well as well ventilated in order to support the activities that might be taking place at the facility. The constructed facility needs also to be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes too. It is mandatory clearly to note that a constructed facility also includes other building systems that might be included in the facility too. They include the mechanical systems of the constructed facility, power and electrical systems, plumbing, security, telecommunications as well as the fire suppression equipment. The constructed facility also includes some materials and supplies, the furnishings as well as the equipment for information technology. The layout and design of the constructed facility help in supporting the activities that might be taking place at the constructed facility (Chandra2005).
However, there are those facilities that are specifically constructed for the remote areas. Much technology and engineering principles go a long way into helping construct such facilities in a remote environment. This is because a remote environment is a place that is naturally inhabitable by human beings or any other life forms. Therefore, many techniques are usually employed in order to help construct a facility in a remote location. The main advantage of constructing a facility in a remote location is that it is much easier to achieve much more sustainable outcome from the remote facility compared to other locations (Sears, Sears and Clough (2010).
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