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Reflective Journal 1: My Experiences with Persuasive Writing - Essay Example

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In our study of the subject, I have come to realize that persuasive communication is not limited inside the schools alone. In fact, they are not just learned in school but in everyday life. Businessmen persuade…
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Reflective Journal 1: My Experiences with Persuasive Writing
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Extract of sample "Reflective Journal 1: My Experiences with Persuasive Writing"

Writing Persuasive Essays Full Persuasive writing is an essential skill that one should have. In our study of the I have come to realize that persuasive communication is not limited inside the schools alone. In fact, they are not just learned in school but in everyday life. Businessmen persuade customers to buy their products by presenting to them the benefits they can get from the products, politicians persuade people to vote for them into office by telling them of their platforms, and actors persuade their viewers that they are talented by showing how good their acting is, and so on. In a similar fashion, I reckon I will make use of my persuasive communication skills in my daily activities and in my future job. However, with the education that I am getting, I foresee myself as more skilled, more ethical and formal in performing my affairs. Persuasive writing is a good exercise in achieving such foreseeable circumstance. Writing compared to speaking, gives an individual more time to think, to make statements right and sound the way it is best delivered. Speaking requires quick thinking because what is said can not be taken back. One must be very careful because oftentimes, speaking does not allow the luxury of time. To improve one’s speaking skills though it could help a lot to be skilled in writing. This exercises the mind to construct sentences with the right words and the correct tone for a person to sound persuasive enough. Writing is difficult but rewarding. I usually have trouble starting my paragraphs. Sometimes, there is a rush of ideas I am almost lost on how and where to begin. Ending the paragraph presents the same difficulties but I know that practice will make me improve my writing skills. Read More
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Reflective Journal 1: My Experiences With Persuasive Writing Essay - 1.
“Reflective Journal 1: My Experiences With Persuasive Writing Essay - 1”, n.d.
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