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Writing Conventions Used In Science Communication - Coursework Example

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The paper "Writing Conventions Used In Science Communication" discusses that Validity and trustworthiness plays an important role in the justification of facts. Thus, it can be concluded that the writing style, objectivity and trustworthiness of information depends on the experience of authors…
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Writing Conventions Used In Science Communication
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Extract of sample "Writing Conventions Used In Science Communication"

Download file to see previous pages The paper evaluates the three different articles on the basis of writing styles of authors, objectivity and validity or trustworthiness of Park (2013), Konopka & Brock (1978) & Rania & Hala (2008).
The writing style of the authors in their article has a degree of uniqueness. Style of writing is the way in which writers’ incorporate their thinking in sentences in order to align with the context of specific subject, purpose or readers. The choice in the word selection, sentence structure and fluency and use of tenses and voice are all contributing factors in any piece of writing or literature (School Curriculum Specialists, LLC, 2012).
Park (2013) reports the facts to the audience by using short sentences that are written in simple present tense and past perfect continuous tense in some areas. The article emphasizes the use of punctuation and capital letters regularly at the right places in the sentences. In order to create better comprehensibility for the new reader, Park uses very simple words rather than creating a complexity of scientific words in the article; words like ‘dissolved’, ‘concentration’, ‘efficient’ among others rather than using the scientific words like ‘disintegrate’, ‘dwindle’, ‘engrossment’, ‘assemblage’ or ‘coherent’ and others. Passive voice is used in his writing style in order to create more awareness for the general audience. For instance, adding the form of “the benefit of recycling on harvestable biomass production is illustrated by a comparison of our results with a previous study” (Park, 2013, pp. 78).
Konopka & Brock (1978) narrate their account in a very forceful, emotional way to the audience such as the use of “low temperature per se does not prevent the growth of blue-green algae in the spring in temperate lakes”. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(A review of writing conventions used in science communication Coursework, n.d.)
A review of writing conventions used in science communication Coursework.
(A Review of Writing Conventions Used in Science Communication Coursework)
A Review of Writing Conventions Used in Science Communication Coursework.
“A Review of Writing Conventions Used in Science Communication Coursework”.
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