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More specifically it is the study of how humans communicate and interpret the many nuances of language. How humans exchange and interpret language is more than the…
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Multi Modal Speech Communications
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Multi-Modality in Communication of Multi-Modality in Communication Multimodality is a scientific term that describes the inter-disciplinary connections used in communication. More specifically it is the study of how humans communicate and interpret the many nuances of language. How humans exchange and interpret language is more than the exchange of words but involves speech, gestures, sounds, background images, and suggestive smells. Social science study of how humans communicate and interpret datum is a complex process. Understanding how humans perceive information enables advertisers and marketers to use the multi-faceted process to sell products and goods. This paper will dissect two current commercials to demonstrate how manufacturers and marketing firms suggestively and creatively capitalize on the interconnected processes of language that humans use.
The Tiger Trap:
In this particular commercial the advertisers selected a highly acclaimed and celebrated professional athlete to endorse the product. The essence or aesthetic presentation is one of playfulness and light-heartedness using the game of golf as the medium of persuasion. The outdoors environment of the backdrop of the velvety, smooth grassy knolls of the golf course is suggestive of the smooth, enjoyable gliding ride of traveling and driving a Buick. The technique of using a “trap” is a creative lure of language associated with the sand traps when playing the game of golf and the hidden cameramen, but it is a subtly suggestive ploy of deflecting again to enticing the players into the game of buying a Buick.
The commercial is brilliant in that it playfully uses a game of golf as a means of introducing and displaying the amenities of the automobile’s design and features. Because of Tiger Woods’ boyish and attractive good looks viewers of the commercial make the association that by owning and driving the new Buick they in turn will project a similar image. The language, the backdrop of the golf course(s), lightness of the exchange between the actors in the commercial project and the unsuspecting participants represent a carefree and enjoyable image. The conveyance of a subconscious mental “trap” and the physical unconsciously convey to viewers that similar experiences await them as a result of owning the Buick Reiner SUV. Words that come to mind as a result of watching the commercial are: youthful, lightheartedness, fun, playful, beautiful, peaceful, happiness, refreshing, and attainable.
Flintstones’ Winston Cigarettes:
This commercial reached back into a time when a full length featured cartoon series was a novelty. The marketing firm specifically targeted the “Baby Boomers” who would remember the excitement of watching the antics of Fred Flintstone. The airing of the prime time television cartoon series evoked emotions of fun, adventure, and newness. At that time in television history there was no one like Fred Flintstone and emulating “Fred” is associated with being on the cutting edge and unique. The association made with smoking Winston cigarettes and the Flintstone cartoon series is one that conveys relaxation back to a time when it was pleasurable to watch cartoons in the comforts of one’s living room.
In the commercial the contrast depicted of Wilma and Betty feverishly working to complete the strenuous tasks of maintaining their homes with the relaxed, nonchalant attitudes of Fred and Barney Rubble suggests that by smoking Winston cigarettes one need not be overly concerned about the mundane everyday laborious obligations of work. The commercial is playful and deflects back to a time when life was simpler and the living easy. Masterfully created with the intent of suggesting that smoking the particular brand of cigarettes is superior to other brands offered.
Bezemer, J. & C. Jewitt (2010). Multimodal analysis: Key issues. Research Methods in Linguistics. London: Continuum. pp. 180-197. Retrieved from www.http://multimodalmethodologies.files.wordpress.comEducation
Jewitt, C. & Bezemer, J. (2010). Multimodality and communication. National Centre for Research Methods. London Knowledge Lab Institute of Education. London, U.K: Rutledge.
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Multi Modal Speech Communications Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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