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Do we learn more from work that follows or breaks with accepted conventions - Essay Example

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There has been plenty of research, since the inception of human understanding of nature, on the methods of learning that are easy to follow as well as easy to teach. With the advancement in science and technology, there has been a lot of progress in every subject…
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Do we learn more from work that follows or breaks with accepted conventions
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Extract of sample "Do we learn more from work that follows or breaks with accepted conventions"

Download file to see previous pages There has been plenty of research, since the inception of human understanding of nature, on the methods of learning that are easy to follow as well as easy to teach. With the advancement in science and technology, there has been a lot of progress in every subject. As it follows from study, there are certain laws which govern every field of work. We assume certain conditions which can only be true if the mentioned laws of governance are satisfied, these are the rules, methods or practices established by usage i.e. a custom. Similarly, a convention is a set of agreed, stipulated or generally accepted social norms, norms, standards or criteria, often taking the form of a custom.The simple meaning of the title of this essay in simple terms is whether we learn more from having an advanced understanding of the subject made possible by following the results of an accepted convention (work that follows with accepted conventions) or we learn more from the failure of that convention which causes us to consider the results from a different perspective (work that breaks with accepted conventions). However, before deciding on one of the choices, we should acknowledge the fact that no matter if the work follows or breaks with accepted conventions, our level of understanding or thinking is elevated to a higher level. In my opinion, we can learn more from the work if it breaks with the accepted conventions. There are many reasons for choosing this case

However, if we do not get the results as determined by previous study and observations, we are
forced to think of the peripheral (other minor variables included in the instructions) reasons that
may lead to discrepancy of results. And as a result of this, we in simple words learn one way of
not doing that experiment. And we can affirm this argument with a famous quote from a famous inventor, Sir Thomas A. Edison:
I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.[2]
Now taking an example from arts, we can affirm the belief that we learn more from the works
that break following accepted conventions. The example (more like a story) goes like this:
Sigmund Freud was a medical man. After completing his M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) from
Vienna University, he started working with a doctor, as an associate director, who was handling
cases of hysteria at that time. At that time young man and woman were suffering from hysteria in
large numbers. The main reason of the hysteria was sex problem. The doctor, with whom
Sigmund Freud was working as an associate doctor, used to rely on medicines (which were not
very successful). Sigmund Freud thought it was necessary to go into depth. He suggested this to
this senior doctor who disagreed. Thereafter, Sigmund Freud dissociated with him and opened
his own clinic for hysteria patients. He started questioning and counseling the patients and
recorder their interviews. And finally Sigmund Freud succeeded in finding out the reasons of
Author 3
hysteria. The reason was the emotional disturbance of the patients of both sexes. Freud then
followed up the study with two books on that subject: Dora and Wolf.[1]
This example also points our attention ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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