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SPORT MANGMENT - Essay Example

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However, I had not fully understood the significance of sponsor in sports until I went for the London trip. The trip was a not just overwhelming but a complete training session on different sports. However, sports…
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Extract of sample "SPORT MANGMENT"

Download file to see previous pages I have always wondered how names such as Emirates Stadium and IBM got into the world of sports. By the end of our trip, the questions of how the sports world is organized, and why sponsors are inevitable in sports had fully been answered. Each day was a new experience as I got to learn the different sports sponsors in United Kingdom as well as the role that sponsors have played in transforming the world of sports.
To demonstrate the role of sponsors and technology in sports particularly in United Kingdom, I will mainly focus on three days of the trip, which, include experience at the Arsenal Club, visit to the Wimbledon court, and stopover at the BBC Journal. In each visit, we looked at the role of sponsorship, the advantages, and disadvantages of sponsoring large sport events especially on the risks that, such sponsorship entails which may lead to failure within the sports industry, the events, the players, the participating brands, and the sponsors. The information in this paper will not only demonstrate my tremendous experience but will be useful for those hoping to venture in the world of sports (Sport England Web). The United Kingdom is unquestionably a lovely country rich in culture and history, and a commendable source of business and expert knowledge not just in sports but also in different fields.
On May 30, I set off for Arsenal stadium to get the facts about the team I have always adored but only watched them play on the TV. It was a fascinating experience to learn that Arsenal migrated to another stadium because they were losing businesswise due to lack of enough seats for fans. The old stadium could hold less than 40,000 and they have to put about 20,000 persons in the waitlist (thestadiumguide Web).
The new Stadium is the third-largest football stadium in England after Wimble Stadium and Old Trafford, and holds approximately 60,350 fans ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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