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Music Censorship - Research Proposal Example

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It will look into the industry in regards to the efficiency of the country’s legal system in curbing the problems raised by censorship in music. What interests me in regards to…
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Music Censorship
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Research Proposal on Music Censorship Research Plan How Could The Musicians In America Save Their Communities Morals And Their Money If The Country Had An Efficient Legal System That Included Stringent Laws Against Censoring Music?
The research will mainly look into the issues of censorship within the music industry in America. It will look into the industry in regards to the efficiency of the country’s legal system in curbing the problems raised by censorship in music. What interests me in regards to the topic under consideration is the fact that many musicians are losing millions of dollars that they would have earned through the free access granted to their music. This free access is gradually leading to the decline of the economy though the judicial system seems reluctant to punish the culprits for their role (Weismann,, 2003). The uncensored music is increasingly receiving more airplay in the local media despite facing stiff opposition from some human rights activists and musicians. The following are some of the questions I have about the topic I would like to investigate:
Why is music censorship required in the industry?
What motivates the concepts of music censorship?
How can the judicial system effectively curb the vice?
Which laws require drafting and enacting to increase the impact of music censorship?
The second and third questions will make a good subject for a research paper. The research question for the paper would therefore either be; has the judicial system in America done enough to curb music censorship in the country? Or which laws do the American authorities need to draft and enact so as to increase the impacts of music censorship? This research question will be the most appropriate for the research paper since it will enable further research into the existing mechanisms for promoting music censorship. The question will also enable the research to discover what the American authorities are doing to fight issues like piracy which greatly affect the music industry (Weismann,, 2003). In addition, the research question will enable the research to dwell on how the authorities can improve the conditions in the music industry and eventually the musician’s earnings. This research will be significant to the wider community since it will enable them to know the importance and benefits of music censorship.
Music censorship may have a wide variety of motivations behind it which may include military, political, ethical or religious reasons. It has been enforced through complete prohibition, the voluntary removal of some musical content to editing a piece of music. Music censorship has however been affected by several factors like piracy which have undercut its benefits to the larger society. There is however no law according to previous reports that has been enacted to control music censorship. The authoritative information sources for this research question include the American government that punishes any infringements made against copyrights and the Parents Music Resources Center (PMRC). I will have to review academic journals, online articles along with other publications that include textbooks previously written regarding the topic to make my research a success. In conducting my research I will first have to obtain the consent of the major players in the industry about collecting information regarding their activities. This will be followed by the gathering of the relevant reading materials that should be up to date and the carrying out of an analysis to determine the current trends within the industry. I anticipate that the research will face financial difficulties that will be associated with the costs of obtaining the reading materials. The time reserved for conducting the research is also limited and may hamper the completion of the research activity (Weismann,, 2003).
Weismann, D, Jermance, F, DeSantis, G, Perkins, R & Wangler, K, (2003). Navigating The Music Industry: Current Issues & Business Models, New York: Hal Leonard Corporation. Read More
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Music Censorship Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Music Censorship Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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