The Role Played by Stringent Laws in Censoring Music in America - Assignment Example

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This is a plan of a big essay regarding the important role played by stringent laws in censoring music in America; how it could help in strengthening the morals off the community; how it affects the music industry in terms of sales…
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The Role Played by Stringent Laws in Censoring Music in America
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Thesis ment The important role played by stringent laws in censoring music in America; how it could help in strengthening the morals off the community; how it affects the music industry in terms of sales. Outline I. A brief overview on: A. American music and musicians (Crawford, 2000) B. Music censorship (Fieser, 2008) C. The effects of music to morality (Scruton, 2010). II. The evolution of American music and musician (Crawford, 2000; Nicholls, 1999). A. Definition of the term music and musician 1. The basic elements of music (Estrella, n.d.) 2. An overview on music theory (Hawes, 2001) 3. The definition of a musician (Hahn, n.d.) B. The different genres of music (Thadani, 2010) 1. The most popular music genres and artists in terms of sales and albums (Baker, 2011; Record Industry Association of America, 2006). C. Musician as a profession (Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 2012; Estrella, n.d.). 1. The pay, work environment, and job description of of musicians (Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 2012). III. The effects of music to the society (Scruton, 2010; Hanes, 2006) A. Music and its importance in the society (Galindo, 2009; A. Merriam & V. Merriam, 1964) B. How music affects the morals of a society (Lombardi, 1991; Scruton, 2010; Kilpatrick, 1992) IV. The music censorship in America (Fieser, 2008; Green, 2005; Sean, 2010) A. The important terms in the issue of censorship (Fieser, 2008) 1. Definition of censorship (American Civil Liberties Union, 2006) 2. Free expression (American Civil Liberties Union, 2005), and 3. Free speech (Fieser, 2008) B. The law of censorship in America (Fieser, 2008) 1. The creation of the Parental Advisory Label (PAL) (Fieser, 2008) 2. The benchmark for the usage of PAL (Cole, n.d.) 3. The top ten censored songs in America (Performing Songwriter, n.d.) C. The effects of music censorship in America (Fieser, 2008, Lombardi, 1991) 1. The pros and cons of music censorship (Lombardi, 1991; Fieser, 2008) 2. The effects of music censorship to the society (Manohar, 2012; Dixon & Linz, 1997) 3. The effects of censorship to the music industry in terms of sales (Cellania, 2012) V. Conclusion A. Analytical Summary 1. The importance of music in the society 2. The effects of music to the society 3. The effects of music censorship to the American society and the artists B. Thesis Reworded C. Concluding Statement The outline is arranged in a macro perspective to micro perspective. It starts with establishing a background of the study. This is important because it will give the readers an overview about the content of the paper. The succeeding paragraphs are a macro perspective on music and musicians, which will allow the reader to firmly establish a foundation on the core of the topic. This knowledge is also important in order for the readers to fully grasp the paper as the topics narrow down. Subsequently, it is followed by the effects and importance of music in the society. These paragraphs will allow the reader to establish a firm understanding on where music stands, not only in the American society, but in the whole community as well. The succeeding paragraphs will deal on the censorship of music in America, how it came to be, its importance, and its effect to the music industry and to the society. For the conclusion, a summation of the paper will be presented, along with the concluding statements based on the stated facts. References American Civil Liberties Union. (2005). Freedom of expression. Retrieved from American Civil Liberties Union. (2006). What is censorship? Retrieved from Bureau of Labor and Statistics. (2012). Musicians and singers. Retrieved from 1 Baker, M. (2011, December 15). Top musical artist of all time. Retrieved from Cellania, M. (2012, January 2). Tipper vs. music. Retrieved from Cole, T. (n.d.). You ask, we answer: ‘Parental advisory’ labels - the criteria and the history. Retrieved from 130905176/you-ask-we-answer-parental-advisory---why-when-how Crawford, R. (2000). The American musical landscape: The business of musicianship from billings to gershwin. California: University of California Press. Dixon, L. T., & Linz, D. G. (1997). Obscenity law and sexually explicit rap music: Understanding the effects of sex, attitudes, and beliefs. Journal of Applied Communication Research, 25, 217-214. Estrella, E. (n.d.). The elements of music. Retrieved from beginnerstheory/a/musicelements.htm Estrella, E. (n.d.). The professional musician. Retrieved from Fieser, J. (2008). Moral issues that divide us: An introduction to applied ethics. Unpublished manuscript. Galindo, G. (2009, July). The importance of music in our society. Retrieved from Green, J. (2005). The encyclopedia of censorship. New York: US. Facts on File, Inc. Hahn, D. (n.d.). What is a musician? Retrieved from what-is-a-musician/ Hanes, J. (2006). Influences: Music and society. Raleigh, North Carolina: Lulu Press, Inc. Hawes, N. (2001). What is the theory of music? Retrieved from sstheory/theory26.htm Kilpatrick, W. (1992). Music and morality. In Clarke, J. H. (Ed.), Why Johnny can’t tell right from wrong (172-189). New York: A Touchstone Book. Lombardi, V. (1991). Music and censorship. Retrieved from http://www.noisebetween Manohar, U. (2012, March 2). Media censorship: Why is censorship good. Retrieved from media-censorship-why-is-censorship-good.html Merriam, A., & Merriam, V. (1964). The anthropology of music. Illinois, US: Northwestern University Press. Nicholls, D. (Ed.). (1999). The cambridge history of American music. Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press. Performing Songwriter. (n.d.). Censored songs in American history. Retrieved from Record Industry Association of America (2006). Top selling record albums of all time. Retrieved from best_sold_albums.html Scruton, R. (2010, February 11). Music and morality. Retrieved from Sean. (2010, September 20). Music censorship - A timeline. Retrieved from Thadani, R. (2010, October 25). Different types of music genres. Retrieved from Read More
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