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Such are the messages the media conveys to its target audience. The government often imposes censorship on specific mass media content while the mass media managers on the other hand also impose…
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Media censorship
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Download file to see previous pages e forms of media censorship are justifiable and the concerned parties should always uphold such regulations in order to foster the growth of a peaceful and cohesive society as the discussion below portrays.
Censorship of the mass media has numerous moral, political and economic advantages. The media for example has a series of gatekeepers in the form of editors and subeditors all of who strive to eliminate some errors thereby facilitating self-censorship (Thomas 42). Such are basic forms of self-censorship. The government on the other hand through the department of information imposes strategic censorships on the media thereby regulating the information that reaches the public. Among the basic justifications of the various forms of censorship is the need to uphold the moral values of a society. Moral censorship requires the removal of any obscene content from the messages. Pornographic content, images of dead bodies and images of victims of sexual assault have moral implications. As such, both the government and the mass media managers must always either eliminate or conceal such images.
Government intelligence must also always remain with the government. This implies that the government must always censor specific information that concerns some of the most vital features of the government. Military intelligence among other information that concerns the national security is vital to the safety and stability of the country. As such, the government must always regulate the content that reaches the public. Military censorship is therefore important in a country since it such intelligence and tactics enhances the security of a country and the country’s ability to counter external aggression (Magoon 54). Political censorship on the other hand is always the most contentious form of censorship since the public would always want to know the pertinent information concerning the stability of the country. However, both the government and the mass media managers should ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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