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Strategies for Gathering and Evaluating Sources - Essay Example

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The author has written over thirteen books concerning music along with the industry as a whole. He teaches the subject among others in the University of…
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Strategies for Gathering and Evaluating Sources
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Extract of sample "Strategies for Gathering and Evaluating Sources"

Download file to see previous pages The information was last published in the year 2003 and has not been updated of late. There are however other resources that can be found from a variety of books. In addition, the materials found in this article do match the content in most of the other articles.
In addition, this article gives case studies that highlight issues that concern censorship in many nations. The author is a music lecturer at the University of Connecticut and has dwelt on the issues affecting censorship for several years.
He describes what is already known from other sources and adds little from his personal experiences. The experience that the author has in the field enables him to handle the complexities that arise from the topic under consideration.
The information was last published in the year 2006 and has not been updated of late. However, there are other sources that have the latest information regarding censorship in music but which match the content of the article.
The article brings forth the newest research concerning the topic of censorship in Africa along with various case studies on the issue. The article focuses on any attempts that are being made in the continent for the purpose of censoring musicians along with the strategies that the musicians have devised for resisting these moves.
Nuzum describes what is already known and is unknown in the industry and adds little from his personal experiences. The experience that the author has in the field enables him to handle the complexities that arise from the topic under consideration.
The information was last published in the year 2001 and was updated in the year 2008. However, other information sources also have the latest information regarding censorship in music but which matches the content of this article.
This book by Nuzum provides details of everything an individual would like to know concerning music including what the parents may not like ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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