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Value is defined as the worthiness of something in terms of merit, importance and or amount. This paper will focus on my five personal values, commonality of these values, how these values affect decision making, and the relationship between personal and organization values. …
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XMGT Checkpoint Wk2
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XMGT Checkpoint Wk2 This paper will focus on my five personal values, commonality of these values, how these values affect decision making, and the relationship between personal and organization values.
My five most important values
Value is defined as the worthiness of something in terms of merit, importance and or amount (Keeney, 1992). My five most important values in any kind of decision making are: trustworthiness, responsibility, caring, respect, and fairness/justice. Trustworthiness is the moral value where you trust someone fully without doubts of betrayal. Responsibility is being in a position to take care of your obligations. Caring on the other hand, is being in a position to show concern and compassion for other people. Respect is a moral value that entails showing or feeling reverent for someone. Justice talks more of uprightness, equitableness or the quality of just in regard to law.
Commonality of the above values
The main, crucial commonality of these values is that the standards of conduct that arise out of these values constitute the ground rules of ethics. It is through this commonality that the element of decision making is easily taken. (Keeney, 1992). Further more, these five values have a commonality in that all of them act as a multi-level filter through which decisions are processed. For example, being trustworthy needs to be complemented with the virtue of being caring. Equally, affirming to fairness/justice needs to be complemented by the state of accepting responsibility for one’s actions or inaction. Above all, the five values help individuals detect situations, which help them uphold their moral principles in life (Keeney, 1992).
How these values affect ethical decision making
Values are what people honor, and because they rank what people like and dislike, these values determine how people will behave in certain situations. Initially, the bases in which any decision maker cares is largely dependent on the moral approach, He or she will at times be swayed to using self –interest and materialistic approach to extent where he benefits hence conflict
(Keeney, 1992). For example, I may desire to be honest, and this could clash with the desire to be wealthy. In this regard, when confronted by such a situation, I may resort to my values system, which ranks the order in which I prioritize and honor these values. Therefore, values that I consistently rank higher than others are my core values, and these define my character and personality.
What to do when one or more values conflict
Conflict is disagreement of interests like values. One of the best ways to resolve values conflict is by translating the values into principles. This helps to guide and motivate ethical conduct, which I ought to uphold (Keeney, 1992). Subsequently, I would put my principles into action. In essence, this would involve not doing what I have the power to do. This means that I can not just do something simply because I can get away with it. Then, I should not be compelled to do what I have the right to do. There is a difference between what I have right to do and what is right to do (Keeney, 1992).
Values of my organization
Some of my organization values include honesty, integrity, reliability, dependability, attention to work, and cooperation. Honesty is being able to speak facts. Integrity is that quality of upholding high morals principles. Reliability talks of the ability of being able to be ‘relied on’. Dependability is someone who is dependable especially when it comes to tasks. These are the five crucial values that I have taken into consideration as per the ethics required. However, there are no major differences between organization values and my personal values since they correlate in some of the areas. This is true because when ethical scandals hit in an organization, it emerges that certain individuals in the organization have allowed their own personal values to interfere and infect the organization. In fact, personal values impact the effectiveness of achievement of organizational goals.

Keeney, R. (1992). Value-focused thinking: a path to creative decision-making. Cambridge, Mass.; London: Harvard University Press. Read More
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