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HUM WK7 CHECKPOINT - Essay Example

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It began from Hebrew nation, from the beliefs and practices of Israel. This religion exists in ancient Israel, which is near the east Canaan and has its headquarters in Jerusalem (Azmah, 2004).
Christianity originated…
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Associate Level Material Appendix H Monotheistic Religion Elements Matrix Judaism Christianity Islam Countries of origin This religion is among the oldest religions existing today. It began from Hebrew nation, from the beliefs and practices of Israel. This religion exists in ancient Israel, which is near the east Canaan and has its headquarters in Jerusalem (Azmah, 2004).
Christianity originated from Judaism in 1st century and founded on teachings, life, death, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It originated from Levant region of middle east and increased over the decades (Azmah, 2004).
Islamic religion originated in 622 C.E. in the Arabian peninsula. In 8th century ad, translation of Islamic philosophy into Arabic and 9th century ad ‘house of wisdom’ translators emerged (Azmah, 2004).
Historical figures and events
Primary figures of Judaism include the patriarchs Abraham, Jacob and Isaac, and Moses.
A follower of Jesus Christ is a Christian. Christianity comprises of three branches; the roman Catholicism, the eastern orthodoxy, and the Protestantism.
Some of the historical figures in Islam include prophet Muhammad. They believe that Allah transmitted the knowledge to Muhammad from 570–632 C.E.
Central beliefs
Judaism is traditional in nature and holds on religious, ethical and the social laws articulated in torah, writings and prophets. Judaism comprises of orthodox, the conservative, reformist, and the reconstructionist who differ in liberality from traditional beliefs (Azmah, 2004)
Christians believe in one God existing in trinity as the father, the son, and the holy spirit, with Jesus Christ as messiah sent to save the world (Azmah, 2004).
The objective of theology of the Quran informs the life and culture of Muslims.
The pillars of Quran encourage praying five times daily and the pilgrimage to Mecca. Muhammad is Allah’s prophet. They believe in helping the poor.
Nature of God
Judaism believe in existence of god as incorporeal and creator of everything. Jews believe in common connection to sacred narratives about their relationship with god.
According to Christians, God is trinity, Jesus is God and human, Jesus came through the power of the holy spirit, Jesus will come back to the world, and god’s word is the bible.
Muslims believe in one God, Allah, who created and ordered the universe (Azmah, 2004).
The Hebrew bible is called the Tanakh.
The sacred text in Christianity is the bible.
Quran is their holy text. Muslims believe that revelation to humanity is in Quran (Azmah, 2004).
Ritual and practice
Judaism emphasizes practice more than the belief. Their worship is in synagogues that replaced the second temple in 70 C.E. after its destruction.Judaism focuses on rituals performed in synagogues. Rituals like praying occur daily while others occur weekly. Repetition of the rituals brings them closer to God (Azmah, 2004).
Central practices involve gathering in churches for worship. Rituals and practices among Christians depend on the denomination. Worship services are on Sundays where Christians pray, sing and preach (Azmah, 2004).
Rituals and practices among the Muslims are few but darned crucial. They believe in five Islamic pillars of confession, the ritual prayer, the alms tax, pilgrimage to Mecca and law of fasting during Ramadan. Other practices include mystical Sufism rituals and the Shiite practices (Azmah, 2004).
Ethics and morality
Some of their ethic and morality include belief in god, prohibition from improper worship, murder, oaths, theft, adultery, false witness and coveting, respect to Sabbath, parents and teachers (Azmah, 2004).
The ethics and morality of Christianity are that Baptism happens at infancy or in adulthood. Christian morals also demand that they regularly attend Holy Communion.
In Islam, ethical requirements and their morality discourages interest on loans and lending people money with the intention of financial gains. Islamic morals also teach adherence to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (Azmah, 2004).
Aẓmah, (2004). Monotheistic Kingship: The Medieval Variants. Budapest: Central European University, Dept. of Medieval Studies. Read More
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