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CSI and the Post Modern Body - Assignment Example

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According to the CSI argument, the type of crimes considered as beyond normal, more especially regarded to as supernatural crimes has a natural basis. Although the victim of such crimes do not seem to get anyone to empathize with them appropriately, in CSI the suspects opts to…
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CSI and the Post Modern Body
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Extract of sample "CSI and the Post Modern Body"

CSI and the Post Modern Body CSI and the Post Modern Body According to the CSI argument, the type of crimes considered as beyond normal, more especially regarded to as supernatural crimes has a natural basis. Although the victim of such crimes do not seem to get anyone to empathize with them appropriately, in CSI the suspects opts to give the story themselves, whenever there seems to have clear evidence, linking them with the crime. Most often, they explain such crimes with an establishment of a natural cause to their behavior, which can be used as a basis for their committing such crimes (Harrington, 2007). Even the scientific discoveries are often outdone by the police procedures under.
Therefore, it may not be fully dependable for the development of forensic science, as it seems more fictional. The CSI emphasizes more on the role of forensic science, including the relationships of DNA while undertaking investigations, while attaching less significance to the role of informers or even the detectives’ work (Harrington, 2007). The foundation of CSI is based on the fact that the identity given by the DNA tests undertaken is indisputable and accurately points to the suspect, regardless of the fact that the body could be mutilated. Most significant is the fact that it is impossible to accurately determine the actual gender of the victim, without the application of science. Therefore, the case of identity of the suspect becomes a puzzle to solve, up until the forensic science is applied, which identifies the suspect as a man, who has been living as a woman conducting surgeries and killing the victims (Harrington, 2007).
The strength of the argument presented here is the fact that science is the undisputable basis of presenting an accurate identity of the individuals involved in crime. This is because; through forensic science, where the DNA of the suspects involved can be traced, then the real identity of those involved can be unquestionably noted (Harrington, 2007). Considering that through transsexual surgeries, the gender of an individual can be changed, then, it makes the investigations through detectives more complicated. This is because, while the investigation could point to the suspect of the crime from a certain gender, then tracing them would be difficult since they can change that.
However, through forensic science, the real identity will always remain, as the DNA of an individual can never be changed (Harrington, 2007). Thus, the argument presents science as the basis of providing society with the unbiased truth of identity. The role of the detectives, according to the argument is to expose a true narrative of crime, leaving the rest to science, to determine the identity (Harrington, 2007). Nevertheless, the weakness depicted by the argument is that of glorifying the role of science in fighting crime, while completely ignoring the role of detectives. This creates a myth that it is possible to deal with any crime with the support of science, while in the real sense this is barely true (Harrington, 2007). The other weakness of the CSI is the presentation of the whites, mostly the middle class as the victims of crime, while in essence, crime faces and affects all indiscriminately.
Harrington, E. B. (2007). Nation, Identity and Forensic science. Florida: Sage Publications. Read More
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(CSI and the Post Modern Body Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
CSI and the Post Modern Body Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“CSI and the Post Modern Body Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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