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Name Institution Course Instructor Date 1. Sociological Imaginations on obesity Obesity is a disease that results from having a lot of body fat and not necessarily overweight. It results from pleasure of overeating. Obesity is a major issue in the United States and other western countries, and it comes with many disadvantages such as increased cost of clothing, high blood pressure, reduced life spun and complications of bones…
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Mock exam question
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Download file to see previous pages Even though obesity is a clear private matter, the sociological imaginations of the public usually exists. Obesity is associated with life threatening diseases such as hypertension, cardiac diseases, diabetes, and even cancer. The public may condemn the obese people on various issues, such as overburdening of health care systems in the country. They believe that this lead to overworking of health care providers and increased taxation of the public in general. The public may also think that the country will suffer loss of the work force due to deaths caused by such diseases. Such diseases are also associated with laziness and such people may find it difficult getting employment since all most all employers seek for healthy and active staff who will work productively. There is a social imagination that public policies have contributed to obesity, by allowing fast food industry that provides available and inexpensive harmful food. The poor and the less educated who cannot afford quality food end up consuming such food, which contains calories and low nutrition. Students and even the working class who are obese, most of the time get a lot of ridicule from colleagues, ending up with low self-esteem (Malnor, 2006:5). 2. Features of Chronic Illness Self Management This is a low cost-system of managing chronic illnesses. It helps people with such illnesses to learn how to manage and improve their health. Unlike the traditional approach, that manages chronic illnesses using only medicine, this system is holistic and focuses more on the illness than on the person. This model of management mostly occurs in community settings such as churches, hospitals, senior centres, community clinics, libraries and town halls in various communities. People with such illnesses normally gather to get lessons on various health management strategies. It is organized like a workshop, and a community health worker organizes the people in groups according to the diseases, which they suffer from. This way such people socialize and discuss their experiences with such illnesses. With time, the community health worker stops attending since the people such people will have learnt enough and can continue the process by themselves. The people learn several subjects such as pain management, appropriate use of medication, nutrition, exercise, communication with family and friends and decision-making (Pescosolido, 2011:43). Benefits Diabetes is very costly to treat and most people cannot afford medication. However, with this system the affected people can afford it since it is low-cost and easily accessible. It cuts costs of outpatient visits, hospitalization and medication. The model benefits the patient in terms of improvement of health status by learning factors such as handling pain and fatigue, stress and depression, improvement in exercise, self-independence, self-efficacy, symptom management and good communication with physicians, family and friends. Benefits of e-health are quite similar. Accessibility is easy and the patient does not need to join others in gatherings to get such information since the internet provides it (Pescosolido, 2011:61). Barriers Even though the modules are quite effective, there are some drawbacks. In a situation where the patient has a physical limitation, resulting from an illness or ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Mock Exam Question Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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