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Some become successful in their fields and earn much money and, to them, that is an achievement. Some find fulfillment in doing good although they do not receive financial compensation. Yet, they consider their goodness an achievement…
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Something you achieved in life
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An Achievement Full Achievements vary from person to person. Some become successful in their fields and earn much money and, tothem, that is an achievement. Some find fulfillment in doing good although they do not receive financial compensation. Yet, they consider their goodness an achievement. Some climb up the ladder of success through whatever means it takes them to and become famous and rich. To most, that would be an achievement that is admirable and to some it could be despicable. Nevertheless, to the person himself, the pursuit could have been a great struggle not only in work but also in his self about ethics and perhaps goodness, that the monetary prize is such a great achievement. Achievement, though, does not always mean much money, fame and power.
Education for me is an important matter that I believe is a means for me to better my life. Putting myself to college is not an easy task because going to school nowadays is a daily struggle. Despite the difficulties that I have been through, I was able to finish a degree in Nursing. I know that this might be a small thing to other people, but for me, this is a great achievement because I was able to discipline myself to still continue with my studies no matter how difficult the challenges were. There were times when I almost gave up because I was not able to cope with the demands of school, family and work. Still, I persevered and that counts much to me. Moreover, I believe that that is not the end of my journey rather the beginning of more achievements. Read More
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